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Found 3 results

  1. So does anyone else agree with me that the Qommnd site is a kind of anti-strategy, and an un-motivating tool used to turn qonqr into a strictly stacking game? It definitely doesn't take an hour for attacks to show up, and even if it did, two tanks of bots is hardly enough to allow for much of an offensive. Also, in an area like mine where one faction out numbers the other 3-1 there is no chance to do anything except watch your zones get slowly pushed because we can't launch an offensive because of the site. Why would a new player want to play this game? I know when I see new players in the area the ruling faction here just wipes them out and they never try again... Why would I want to spend a dime on this game when an application which is completely outside of the game can be used to gain an edge? Would love to see how many new unique players are joining qonqr a week and actually sticking with the game in an area where they are a member of the minority faction. Please disable the public API or at least make it where Qommnd.com can only get updates MAX 24 hours. The one hour is not enough, and you can force it to update before an hour anyways so what's the point? Do something please.
  2. Well, the thing is, so far, in the city I live in I'm the only player hahaha, but I do have some friends already that will start playing (when the app goes to Android that is (which I think I read somewhere that it would come out somewhere around the middle of the year, something like that)) But well, the thing is, I do know for sure that when the app comes I'll have several other players to compete with, which is good, but I want to keep the lead on the city's base (there's only one base here), so I was wondering, I'm deploying several bots to be in the city, but does it have a difference on which kinds of bots I deploy? I mean, would it be better for me to load up the place with defense bots only? Or all that matters right now is numbers, doesn't really matter if its defensive or attacking bots?
  3. Unofficial Offense Only Evening Option

    Today January 10th from 6pm to Midnight Eastern Time and 3pm to 9pm Pacific Time, Richin109 (most nanobots in the US) and I (2nd most) will only be deploying offensive nanobots. We conferred and agreed we wanted to take a little break from constantly having to deploy defensive bots for fear of the other player either closing the gap between first and second (in his case) or widening the gap (in my case). So we decided to cease defensive deployments for a bit and instead get a chance to pummel our local enemies. Besides, he is going on a date and doesn't want to be constantly clicking "deploy" (oo-la-la! ). I cordially extend an invitation to anyone else who wants join in the attack frenzy (especially if you live near Richin109 !). Happy QONQRing! P.S. for Silver: If you can, it might be interesting to see if you can detect a dip in the growth rate of total nanobots in Florida and California during that time span.