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Found 6 results

  1. Additional Factions

    Not sure if this would go here or in feature requests, considering that its probably not something that would ever be implemented, but thought the ideas should be shared anyway, hence here lol. anyway, me and a few friends thought of how cool it would be if there were other factions in addition to the three already in play. I haven't come up with a leader or representative for each faction for that would really take some in depth thought and extra creative thought as to who would be suited for such a role, a fictional character or a real one? Or how shall I make a reference to something related in real life? Anyway, Here they are: Name: Outsiders Color: Blue Symbol: Generic Alien head Motto: Acquire it Description: They've come to earth, following the unmistakable signal of Qonqr through space and time, they've come for its technological power, and since alien technology is already advanced, they've come armed with the nanobot technology to take control of qonqr, defeat their human adversaries and subjugate earth. They already have an understanding of its components yet have no desire to hack it, they seem to want to acquire it. Any more than that is unknown due to inability to communicate. And people who join that faction aren't necessarily aliens. They're human sympathizers or those trying to secure a high rank for the inevitable take over. Or even prisoners forced to deploy against their will through slave collar technology. Name: The UN Color: Gold Symbol: Earth Motto: Secure it Description: They believe it could potentially be dangerous to use, but too important to destroy, and that it should be kept from the hands that would use it for their own ends. It should be captured and locked away in the deepest vault for good until a true solution can be reached, or the mysteries surrounding qonqr and everything about it are uncovered. The members are mainly approved volunteers, civilian contractors, and high clearance military personnel, to use nanobot technology to try to aid the effort to capture, conceal, and secure the situation and prevent mass panic and this secret war from coming to light. Name: The Followers Color: White Symbol: Chalice with stars Motto: Follow it Description: They believe that Qonqr is a machination of god. That it is a sign of the coming messiah, they follow qonqr, and through their prophet receives the word of god and blindly follows the orders the prophet commands. Because of their doctrine, They attack all of those that do not share their exact beliefs about qonqr, even swarm. For they believe it is not something to be captured and or protected. It is their to bring about the coming of days, to lead the true believers into an era of prosperity and peace.
  2. So there's been some discussion in other threads.. but I think we need an official debate thread for the topic if there isn't already. I couldn't find one so here it is. I'll start. :3 So.. obviously, I'm arguing in favor of the legion. It's freaking called QONQR. What friendly AI would call itself qonqr?! Why go by such a threatening name if your intentions are good? I liked deej's argument of legion being the liberators. Man kind has progressed just fine on it's own.. Better safe than sorry, right? Plus, who doesn't love to blow stuff up all the time? I won't admit to looking for drama by posting this. I've heard a lot of arguments but I want to hear it all.
  3. Faction Survival Band

    So I made this the other day, what do you think?
  4. Player Obsession: Fatal Attraction? Detroit MI - December 1 2013 When does player retaliation cross the line? Is there such a thing as bullying a player by constantly attacking them; hampering their ability to enjoy the game, using multiple family accounts to gain an advantage? Anyone who has played QONQR for more than 30 days has likely had this experience or has been targeted for being new, or coerced into switching factions under duress. But an issue that I don't think is covered often enough is player obsession. Any competitive activity can bring out the best and the worst in a person. QONQR is a fascinating experiment in aggression and social interaction. This is what I believe makes QONQR unique. You can play as a rogue operative, without a team or other players that may support you. You can also build complex social hierarchies to effectively control vast areas of the game map. This takes a lot of time, talent and coordination along with relationship building. It is very common that the extent of these relationships is online interaction through a group chat program like Groupme or even TeamSpeak. Factions with good relationships will commonly meet in person which is truly fun since you get to finally put a name to a face. For example: EvilBastard1985 (not an actual player) might in fact turn out to be a very nice and quaint individual with no outward aggressive traits or behaviors. However, there is also a dark side when it comes to player personality traits, their motives, intentions and desires- both in-game and outside the game. I don't think this is unique to QONQR in anyway, but it is important to recognize. Occasionally a player(s) with great passion and enthusiasm for the game will take things too far. It is very easy to loose yourself in an game like QONQR. The murky walls that separate reality from the game universe can become indistinguishable at 2:30 AM when you are fervently waiting for another player to go to sleep in order to attack them and exact revenge. There is nothing wrong with this. In fact, it demonstrates great dedication and hard work to gain prestige and advancements in the game. However, when an operative becomes obsessed with another player, a real and dangerous problem can develop. Obsession: A state in which someone thinks about someone or something constantly or frequently especially in a way that is not normal. http://www.merriam-w...onary/obsession I have personally been dealing with an obsessive player here in metro-Detroit. There is no point mentioning the operative by name and making things worse, but bringing the issue to light might help other players who might be experiencing similar behavior. The operative in question began trolling and sending me abusive and chiding message though the wire when I began buying cubes to establish some equilibrium from the player's never ending attacking (which included successive attacks using family/household devices, technically not multiscoping but just as bad). After months of suffering brutal attacks and unable to gain any meaningful ground I started dedicating some of my entertainment budget to buying cubes. After I learned how to effectively use cubes to defend myself and ultimately retaliate, the abusive operative began sending more in-game wires, trying to make me feel bad for paying-to-play. The player also tried to make me feel bad by saying that I was ruining the game for "everyone else" because of my paid-for advantage. The aggression has escalated over the last 4 months with more and more abusive wire messages and wider spread attacks utilizing multiple family accounts. Now our entire region is engulfed in toxic drama brewed up by this operative. He has expanded his verbal abuse to other faction members, complaining about me, trying to turn them against me. He has gone to the forums and bad mouthed me by name and has gone so far as to warn all new incoming players not to consider joining our faction because I am a "the biggest bully in the game". The operative focuses 90% of his game time on a single player, myself. The player has been seeking out of state support from players who don't know me, our region or faction. The end result of all this is an operative who is constantly thinking about me day and night, and trust me, that is something I am not flattered about. In fact, my background in psychology would easily lead me to believe he is not just obsessed, but clinically bothered. Steps I have taken I have blocked the operative and his entire faction by going to the portal, clicking on the player's profile and turned off in-game messages from him and his entire faction. (However, the player just creates bogus, temporary accounts to reach me through the wire with new abusive messages). I have encouraged our entire faction to do the same. This eliminates the possibility that any other player won't get dragged into the obsessive behavior of the abusive operative. I spread my attacks around, diversifying the players I hit so I don't continue to encourage the operative to seek retribution. Unfortunately, the obsession is so deep that has not worked. I have taken days off and not played in an effort show the abusive operative I don't share his obsession, yet he 'believes' that I am somehow controlling my faction members and they are my proxies, somehow carrying out my will to persecute him. This is both a delusion of grandeur and persecution. The Regional Effect Sadly, this toxic relationship that the operative is obsessed with pursuing has spilled over onto the entire region. Fingers are being pointed at players who have no interest in the unwanted attention or association with me or the abusive player. This is, in fact, what I believe the goal of the operative is. Since he has been unable to successfully defeat me, cannot take zones I lead in and cannot successfully QONQR with his band of operatives (which lack communication and the strong relationships of trust and dependability we have built in our own faction); the operative has opted to make his game play about creating suffering and discontent for anyone within Zone Assault range of Detroit. The Apology I for one want to apologize to any/all players who have been caught in this crossfire. I feel badly another operative's fatal attraction with me has caused so many other players discontent. If you are experiencing a similar problem with an obsessive operative I would like to hear how you have handled it and if it has also hurt your faction or your regional game play. QONQR is a unique and addictive game, easy to become obsessed with. But obsession with a game may or may not be a problem for an individual player and their real world life. Obsession with "another operative" affects everyone, their game families, factions and regional play. The game loses its status as "entertainment" and becomes nothing more than a vehicle for harassment, passive aggression and selfish and strange behavior. Please join me in sharing your similar experiences, solutions or acknowledgements from both the Detroit area and around the country. ~misterbig
  5. I know you guys have talked here and there about the Faction Leader Character designs, but I'm curious: how did you guys settle upon the red purple green color scheme?
  6. Looking for a good few blurbs for the Qonqr fliers to help you recruit. Needing one for each faction in the perspective of the leader of your faction, as well as a factionless. Should be quick & to the point, with some reference to the other 2 factions. If you can post your submission as a reply to this post by Tues Dec 11, will try to get the best one picked and these done by Thur Dec 13.