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Found 1 result

  1. A Legion Operative's Initiation

    It all began... well, I don't know where it began. I only know when I first discovered it. I was working in an intel and signal unit working with [message redacted] to combat hackers attacking our national infrastructure. On one assignment, investigating hardwired back doors in microchips our government had bought from the lowest bidder based out of [message redacted]. I discovered the design did not correlate to the design specs that [message redacted] had taken in an op on the manufacturer's R&D division. More than that, it appeared that the microchips were causing electrical fluctuations and overheating. I turned in a report to my superiors, but heard nothing back. I was eventually reassigned to another unit, well before my tour or contract called for. I continued to research the matter on my downtime, and was surprised to be given a NJP which required me to work in the private sector under watch of [message redacted]. The basis of the NJP was that I was entertaining paranoid delusions which distracted me from my work, derailed an investigation, and misappropriated government resources. I decided it was time to let it go before my career ended. Eventually, I finished my contract and was offered a job with the FBI investigating cybercrimes. I wound up on a case where the suspect maintained innocence throughout a media flurry of accusations sponsored by anonymous tipsters and information, an intense investigation throughout all aspects of his life, and the ensuing trial. The information all but painted the suspect guilty and nobody could understand his refusal to admit guilt in exchange for a lighter sentence. I detected an interesting pattern while reviewing the information. Not only did the suspect have no education or working knowledge in order to be responsible for the crime he was responsible for, but his company used the same microchips I had investigated years before. I pulled all the hardware from the safelocker and began investigating everything. My hash algorithms didn't match the forensic evidence the initial investigators pulled. I searched the log on video tapes, but couldn't find any evidence anyone had accessed them since the initial investigators stored them. There was no evidence to support they had been modified. I made a new copy, but I couldn't match a hash algorithm while trying to authenticate my copy. I wound up burning out 2 [message redacted] and decided to investigate more closely. I went to our physicists and requested a full electropath analysis and electron microscope. The results were surprising. The scientists verified unusual electrical activity and announced the electron equivalent of a dust cloud formed under microscope. Testing after this point generated normal electrical activity but a lack of any unusual activity other than a complete wipe of all media. I didn't know what to think. I kept researching. I was analyzing IP packets taken during the investigation, IDPS logs, everything. I came up with some interesting random data. It seemed that there were multiple entities searching for the same activity, but no related agency reported or would share investigating the phenomenon. My prior data showed that the hardware itself was showing a sort of signal being sent locally - that made no sense. Why would a computer be sending a local signal to itself. I went back to the scientists. It took months, but they reported a complex nanofactory at work inside the suspect information systems. This sounded like science fiction to me and well above my paygrade. I submitted a report of my findings, requesting multiagency support. That was when things got weird. I was forcibly given a vacation. I couldn't let it rest, however, and while attempting to work from home, my computer was taken over at boot up and I had a message from someone naming themselves AGENT SUNDAY. According to this individual, they had taken the liberty of installing a special program on my thinclient devices, everything from my desktop, to tablet, to cell phone. This program was called a SCOPE and I was to use it to investigate something called QONQR. Apparently what I discovered was happening on a much larger scale... essentially everywhere. Mostly in information systems and network power grids. Apparently an AI had become 'self aware' and taken over our devices and was controlling nanobots on a global scale for unknown purpose. I was offered a job... well I don't know if offered is the right word so much as given the choice between working for AGENT SUNDAY under the auspices of the federal government or going to jail. My former position within the FBI was terminated. I would be well rewarded in my investigation of QONQR and would find bonuses in the form of 'qredits' and 'qubes' in an underground network of our agents and agents unknown. At some point, it appears that QONQR was the very source of this underground currency. I made a last ditch effort to contact support, but was told that everything looked normal on their end, despite what I was witnessing. While my credentials still existed, I inserted my own backdoor to keep tabs on the government. The next day, I received a severance package from the Federal government and a new assignment from AGENT SUNDAY. So, I headed to Atlanta. There is a secret war going on and I'm on the frontlines now.