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Found 8 results

  1. Battery usage QONQR

    So sometimes I feel a bit stessed because I don't have any power in my phone. I guess I know why... Settings -> General -> Usage -> Battery Usage What do you guys think of this?
  2. COMMUNITY BEWARE OF ONLINE STALKING I had a terrible social experience here that went beyond any acceptable game play. 1. My initial courteous messages to other players resulted in heavily abusive language. Thinking this was trolling I responded in kind as best able. The result was far worse than I would have imagined... 2. A player began stalking behavior - messaging me in-game using my exact words on this forum post. 3. Then I was threatened physically in-game and immediately started receiving a bunch of calls from some phone server while the threats came in. I was unable to speak with anyone nor return the calls when I tried. 4. I quit the game and the calls stopped. You have at least one really sicko player out there, who is willing to break the law to intimidate players in a free entertainment app. I'm done - I don't need to go through terroristic behavior and legal processes over a game. Yes, I am afraid to list the suspected players' names. Anyone who can find my iphone number to use against me is both capable and willing to step outside of the law and any ethical practice. BE CAREFUL WHO YOU SAY WHAT TO!
  3. Righty, Ive been playing this game for a couple of weeks now, recruited some friends, got a few free cubes. Been fighting trying to take my home base, had a few skirmishs outside of it, helped a few people out with attacks etc. So when I was below level 100 i didnt mind so much losing my home base all the time, it gave me a chance to get more exp from attacking the guy. But now im level 00 and im wondering why i cant get this guy outa my home base, Came on here, read a few topics, found out that iphone users get free cubes for downloading apps. This is an absolute outrage! How can you think that it is ok to give one group of people such a massive advantage? This issue needs to be adressed before your iphone bullies stop windows phone users from playing. Either take down the iphone users offers, or get one up for windows phone users. I had spent a little real money on cubes, but after fnding out that people can get them for free and i am somehow being punished for my choice of phone i am afraid i will not be financialy supporting a company that willingly alienates part of its playerbase. This is absolutly rediculous and very unfair to non iphone users. I have myself and 2 other friends, all on WP7 and even with the three of us (2 at level 100) we still cannot seem to take this guy out before we get bombarded with missiles again. Devs take note, Im sure i am not the only person getting this annoyed at the game, whats the piont in playing a game when you cant compete on the same level through no fault of your own? It won't be long before people just get fed up and leave, Im pretty close myself. the only thing that is keeping me playing anymore already is the fact that my bros play and they ask me to attack. ps. a few free cubes simply being handed out to the windows phone users probably wouldnt go a miss and would go along way to repairing the damage you have done to their enjoyablity of your game.
  4. windows phone v iPhone

    I would just like to salute the developers for the windows phone version of Qonqr! Having used the IOS version with my friends phone I must implement the functionality, usability, and aesthetics of the WP version. I invite comments on what other users consider to be the better app? What is the expected release for android? My compliments once again, WP forever!
  5. Recruitment/Platform issues

    There may be a better place to post this, if so, forgive me. I play on a windows phone and have no real issues with gameplay. Today I tried to recruit people into QONQR and not having great success due to the following: 1. My wife has the new iPhone and its unplayable for her. The tutorial doesn't pop up for her automatically and when I tried to walk her through, she can't even launch because the part where you select the attack is displaying oddly and nothing you tap does anything. You can't close the tutorial even to try. 2. Most of my friends use android phones and they say it says the game isn't available for them yet. Is there anything I can tell them or any fixes?
  6. Version 1.5 is now available in the App Store. What's New - Region and Country Leaderboards - Recruiting Screen - Bug fixes - Offer Wall - Daily Rewards (Earn Cubes via in-game offers in the Depot -> Bank)
  7. As of 10/10/2012 the 1.4.1 version of the QONQR app for the iPhone is now available. The release notes only say 'Bug Fixes' however I can give some more insight into some of the items specifically addressed. - Accessing 'The Wire' no longer crashes the App in iOS 6 - Notifications are now functioning in iOS 6 - Further stability coding implemented Note: This version is still not completely compatible with iOS 6's Apple Maps and may still experience some random crashes. This is still actively being worked on.
  8. It's up and available now.