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Found 1 result

  1. Does anyone else feel like it's a weird sort of mini-victory when someone can't defeat you by regular means and so has to turn to qubes to defeat you? (And VICE VERSA obv, like, have you ever qubed to win a zone and felt a little bit like a loser for doing it? lol. I did it once but never again, it felt like cheating. D:) IDK, I don't qube much (only leftover qubes from when I've gotten lazy and wanted to spend 200k qredits on missiles not a scope upgrade because yay fun) and yeah, I like to win! , but I definitely can't stop snickering when I force someone to qube me to get rid of me. I'M NOT THAT HARD TO BEAT. Some days I deploy constantly for 14 hours, sure, but then there are definitely days when I manage to deploy like. twice. So if you think you have to turn to qubes to knock me down? ...yeah it kind of feels like winning. :D Who else?