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Found 1 result

  1. I feel I should take a moment to publicly apologize for something I did to former Legion, current Swarm player MetalChic23. I judged her on an unimportant facet of her personality, and misread her being nice as something else entirely. I messaged her using kind words, while talking down about her to others, with what I thought was a way she would never find out. I have no excuse for my behavior, and apologize sincerely. For those who don't know exactly how badly I spoke of her behind her back, suffice to say I very much insulted her moral character. She did nothing to deserve this, and I was entirely in the wrong. It pains me to admit my behavior publicly, but I should hope this can maybe mend this rift. The way I acted was not the way I've been raised to treat others, and I would go so far as to say it goes against my very moral code. I always say not to judge others, yet there I was doing that exact thing. MetalChic, if you read this, I hope you find it in you to give me a second chance. I'm not just posting this because I got caught, but because looking back I truly regret saying it. It was out of line. I'm sorry.