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Found 8 results

  1. So I joined yesterday as a green but my area is full of greens so it wasn't fun at all and switched to reds, took a few zones but got them taken away again because like i said, is full of greens So, anyways what's up people.
  2. New player in San Marcos Texas

    Hi, Just started playing yesterday, area is pretty hard to fight in. Lots of red and purple around here.. Anybody else playing near me?
  3. Greetings from Alabama

    Hello all. Sorry for all the faceless I attacked during the truce. I didn't know about it.
  4. Hello all. I'm all new. I'm still a little unsure on this game. It feels like the only thing you do is spam one button over and over with no impact or effect. I love the implications though.
  5. 1st Change: qonqr needs incentives to keep players playing the game after level 100, 2nd: players need in game opportunities to earn cubes, pay to win set ups actually turn away players rather than bring them in. 3rd: BETTER FACTION COMMUNICATION
  6. Fresh Swarm come this way

    My names is MADMIGHTYWHITEY if your new to swarm hit me up on twitter @Madmightywhity. And I'll help with anything I can. Just remember you may struggle but they can't kill you so keep fighting. If you happen to live in VA I can help you a lot. This game is about networking so start here. Say hi.
  7. I'm a new player up here. Its hard to play due to zones being far apart.
  8. My recruiter code is TheGermanSaint. After you get to level 10 and I get the cubes from it I will give you half the cubes I have. It will be a win win for both of us and you don't even have to join the legion if you don't want to.