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Found 3 results

  1. Cutting Down Defenses

    I'm in the middle of an offensive campaign against a foe to go unnamed, and I was wondering what the quickest way to cut through 5k hardened lattice and about 27k deflection. I want to take out the lattice first, but it seems that the deflection attracts all of my attacks. My scope is decently upgraded, and bots/energy are not an object, but time is of the essence. I'm only here for the weekend and I have to move on past this guy before I go. Any other general offensive strategies for dealing with large numbers of deflection would be appreciated, too! Thanks!
  2. Unofficial Offense Only Evening Option

    Today January 10th from 6pm to Midnight Eastern Time and 3pm to 9pm Pacific Time, Richin109 (most nanobots in the US) and I (2nd most) will only be deploying offensive nanobots. We conferred and agreed we wanted to take a little break from constantly having to deploy defensive bots for fear of the other player either closing the gap between first and second (in his case) or widening the gap (in my case). So we decided to cease defensive deployments for a bit and instead get a chance to pummel our local enemies. Besides, he is going on a date and doesn't want to be constantly clicking "deploy" (oo-la-la! ). I cordially extend an invitation to anyone else who wants join in the attack frenzy (especially if you live near Richin109 !). Happy QONQRing! P.S. for Silver: If you can, it might be interesting to see if you can detect a dip in the growth rate of total nanobots in Florida and California during that time span.
  3. A trade off

    It is interesting how the number of zones you control and the number of zones captured are generally somewhat inversely proportional to your total nanobot deployments. If you are constantly fighting for zones captured and how many zones you control, you won't have a very high bot count since your bots are constantly getting destroyed. For example Onyxshard has over 6000 zones captured and controls over 1000 which is more than anyone else in the game by a good bit. Yet he isn't even in the U.S. top twenty for total number of bots deployed. I on the other hand barely make it in the thousand zones captured club, yet I am fourth in the nation in bots deployed. I think I saw while perusing the leaderboards recently an extreme example, of someone who had both zones captured and controlled in the double digits, yet had several million total bots deployed. Now that my friends, is defense.