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Found 1 result

  1. Hey Guys Some of you may know the following problem: you start playing the game and your area is full of members of the other fractions. So even on level 100 you actually can't get any zones because you're massively outgunned. This results in a lack of credits in compare to your enemys. So i was wondering if it is allowed to support other players, by creating bases for them with the own scope. Sort of like I create (and keep save) 10 bases for you and in return you give me 5 cubes for each. And since it's not possible to log in with several accounts without a 24 hour break in between, it also wouldn't be "overpowered" , actually it would be kind of a risk for the one that helps out (24h no deployments). So instead of buying cubes to spend on gunpower which wouldn't last forever and eventually result in frustration, you can achieve a little step forward by cooperating with players around the globe. This would perhaps also help to create some sort of global teamplay, because these "savevault-bases" would be a interesting target for the entire fractions.