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Found 2 results

  1. Was thinking this morning about how we get notifications to let us know that zones have been taken, etc. Had an idea for a new feature that would be quite handy, especially for those that play a bit... How about a push notification to let players know that their scope has cooled down? It could have options for the 3 'basic' levels of overheat, for instance if a player wants to be notified when their scope has fully cooled down, or if they are just waiting for it to cool down to the middle level of overheat so that they can continue with their quest to Qonqr a particularly tough zone. It could be made available to everyone that plays (depending on how easy/cheap it is to implement) or it could be made available as a 'one-off' purchase via the cube system. Not too sure how many players use cubes but imagine as a one-off purchase even the ones that don't typically use them would make this purchase. Could be some quick easy money there for the developers considering the number of players there are. It would also make for more intense battles as gameplay activity would be increased (increasing the spend by those that do purchase cubes to defend their zones also... aka more money). As another spin off, could also have a push notification to let you know your scope is full too? Both could be implemented in the same way the 'remove ads' function operates, where it is dimmed and unavailable until purchased. Combination of both would really get things moving, and even I would consider purchasing the ability to get push notifications for the cooldowns.
  2. Nanobot/energy Refresh time

    I conducted a search on the forum but I didn't get a hit... Does anyone know the best rate at which to deploy nanobots without overheating your scope? Further, does anyone know the refresh rates for nanobot and energy tanks?