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Found 1 result

  1. When Gamers Cross the Line

    So this a.m. I get a message from a player from the swarm faction. He is unhappy with recent game play and decides to let me know. He actually sends me two messages back to back. The messages aren't out of the ordinary for game play except he addresses me by my real name. I've been CAREFUL not to share my name in game and group chats. Lets be honest, there are some crazy people out there and most of the people we fight daily live less than 50 miles away. I wouldn't want some nut job taking the game to serious and trying to hurt me or my family in the real world. (stranger things have happened) Then he sends another player from the faceless faction a message that included my name. This faceless member said it was the second message he had received from this guy including my name. Now I ask you this, why would someone feel the need to find out who you are in the real world? And then to share it with others? Is that to intimidate? People this is a game! If you feel the need to find out who someone is maybe you need to take a break. I mean I have made some friends and some frienemies. I've even came across people that make me happy I don't know who they are. If ya know what I mean. lol! But anonymity needs to be respected. I don't know you. I dont need to know your real name. I don't wish you harm. I find some of these gamer tags way more interesting than real names anyway. I have shared a few personal things with people but this disturbs me. Who wants to hear on the news some day that some nut job that got crushed in an op used personal information to track someone down and harm them in the real world? Not me. And crazier things have happened. Once something is out. its out. Now I don't even know if I want to continue playing. Respect is all im saying. Later