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Found 1 result

  1. Firstly, I am faceless and I have never posted on here for good reason. I loath the online drama that comes with it. I am sure it will follow this post. I care not. I have been playing for awhile now, and consider myself a very active player... I have made some great friends and had fun. I observe and if I see something I will say it, as I feel, in the best way I know how without going out of my way to cause strife. I have been tracking the exchange rate for some time(among many other trends in the NOVA area). Not so much in the fact of how many times X came up vs Y... but frequency and dates, but then recently I noticed a new factor. Faction, then another one on that! The increase in need of said exchange rate, by that faction. Legion.(yeah yeah I know you think I'm mad, I'm not, keep reading) I know a lot of the DEV's are legion, and maybe that's part of it, maybe not... When I noticed it: We have all heard of the Pittsburgh op. I was extremely active in counter ops in that assault, and I am extremely proud of everyone in both factions, but mainly faceless! We fought against many odds. One of them was the exchange rate. The day the op started(or the day before I can't remember) it was 7k. Ok, cool, understandable! It happens right? well the assault started and a day or 2 days go by, then a 6K day, then 1 day later another 6k, just in time to finish off the tower. I have been playing since august, and I have yet to see any numbers that high, in such a small time... funny how it was during the biggest take down of a zone yet (that's what I've heard). I have seen the 6K day followed by the crazy 9K day right around Christmas(not sure if any legion ops were going on then; let me know if they were). But other than those 2 "oddities" it seems that 6K days happen usually every 3 weeks, (rolling) and 7k 6-8 weeks (rolling).[rough estimates] **I will stop here and say this, for those who would like to comment with malice, or menial thoughts... I don't care, I am here to point out the flaw, and move on... with or without Qonqr, I don't care what you think unless it is constructive, and furthers the topic... I, myself will probably be on to check this in a few weeks to see the progress and discussion that has accrued.** What does this mean? well If the exchange rate does have a bias in the code, or by a person, that would be cheating. It would undermine the 'no cheating standards' the dev's themselves are so used to saying everywhere. Stacking the decks is no way to run a game(I'm still trying to decide if it's even right the Dev's play the game out of fairness, and if so, each faction should be represented fairly). If the rate goes by faction, then if legion throws an op, it will go up. If it goes by the need to cash in on money by monitoring the usage of the game at time X to get as much money out of it's players as possible, then it would go up when any faction throws an op. (that last one is false BTW). I see multiscopers everywhere, I see cubing all the time, but I have not seen this before. It has put a bad taste in my mouth. I think of it every time I go to attack, defend, etc... I have thought over even posting this, and today I decided I might as well. In the end it is a game, and really not worth the thoughts that have saturated my mind since it happened. All I hope is to bring it to light so we all can watch it now, and compare notes. I am not a techie, I have no great skills in writing code, as you can see from my profile name... you know what I specialize in, so from here, I step back and let you guys take it away... Have a wonderful 2014.