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Found 3 results

  1. Incentive for Gold Status So I know having a gold ring around your picture is super cool, especially since it shines and stuff for a week and what not... but that is currently all you get for plundering 1mil bots? This game is about taking territory... its basically a giant game of risk... but better. In risk if you control a certain amount of territory, you are rewarded with more troops to place at the beginning of your next turn. I don't think we should get more bots, but what if while having gold status... our bases harvested 50% or even 10% faster or something. It would give "stackers" like myself a (proactive) reason to fight more instead of just sit there and build giant towers. It would also help those who can't stack a boost in money to take on the big boys around them. Harvesting faster would be awesome but it doesn't have to be that specifically.. I just think we should get something more than a gold star Hope I get some comments and opinions from other people who read this and hopefully I'm not alone. I know Silver loves reading these and getting feedback from us all, despite what faction we are apart of.
  2. I've run into a weird bug where my bases are not producing qredits... I haven't received qredits for over an hour now.. What should I do?
  3. Hi, I'm new to the game, and this will most likely be a really dumb question, but.... Is there any other way to get Qredits except for bases or Qcubes? I ask that because in the town I live there's set only one Zone, so I can only have one base, which means very little Qredits... Also if possible, can anyone tell me how are the zones generated? I mean, I live in a relatively big city (over 700k people live here) and there's only one zone in it, but when I look at the map, a city close by, which is far smaller has like over 200 zones in it, so I was wondering how are the zones generated, and if possible also know if there's a possibility that more zones will be added to my city. When taking that into consideration I get kinda sad that I only get about 1k or less in the game per day, that way I can't buy the upgrades and stuff (I did buy 2 but it took me 3 or 4 days to gather 3k Qredits).... Any info is greatly appreciated