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Found 1 result

  1. Qonqr theme song

    So 3 days ago I had a sudden flash of inspiration. Inspired by the rumbling timbre of the music that plays AD NAUSEUM in the Qonqr game, I decided to write my own mood music. The melodies came to me suddenly, and awesomely enough sounded even better on the computer than in my head, which isn't always true. The first theme conjures up the deceit and trickery and sneaky cunningness aspect of gameplay while the second theme invokes a sense of adventure and derring-do. I hope you like it! (two notes: It may be a little loud since my laptop's external speakers suck, and while obviously the name "Qonqr" belongs to the people running the game we are talking about on this forum, the music I am posting is strictly copyright me. You may use it for whatever you like provided it is not for profit and I get credit. Cheers!) https://www.dropbox.com/s/tzy0b5h7rz2fis7/qonqr%20theme%207.mid