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Found 3 results

  1. Ok, fellow Qonqr'ers... if you've tried to read through all the rigmarole in the various "Chicago Legion takes over the Qonqr forums" threads... you've read some of my comments on Qonqr gameplay. I definitely have some strong opinions on the subject, but I'm open-minded enough to realize not everyone else (cough* RebelFalcon cough*) share the same opinions. And I'm open to changing the way I play if it's more enjoyable to play differently. As the game is evolving rapidly with the addition of new players & new rules, strategies are evolving as well. So I'm opening up this thread to discuss what we all think of the evolving game, and how we're adapting. I would hope we could reserve the bashing of things like sync lock, multiscoping, pay-to-win, and how Chicago Legion whines too much to their own threads. In my little world on qonqr'ing, I like to kills things. I like zone captures. I like the challenge of seeing a zone I can take by myself in a few days, or if I solicit help, in a single day. To me, that's always been the essence of the game. The back and forth between factions. I never minded losing a zone if I could somehow see a way to get it back one day. As such, I didn't build up much aside from zones that are of particularly high value to me. My home base. My opponent's home base. Unfortunately, that will never get me up the state leaderboards now. So maybe that's really not the best way to play. But in a day and age where the leaders on the board have astronomically high bot counts, I don't think I'll ever get even close to them so I don't even try. I kind of feel the same way about opponent's giant towers in my area. What's the point in attacking them, other than to strategically distract an opponent from an attack elsewhere? They won't fall without a massive # of players, or a massive # of $$$. Lately, I've given up playing in those zones as well. So in the newly evolving game, what are some ideas of how people like to play the game, and how do they think the gameplay is evolving to support a new generation joining? I'm also not discounting the social aspect. Maybe the widespread use of groupme has brought the social side of the game above the actual gameplay itself. Maybe sharing pics of the lunar eclipse or sharing the latest, greatest fart joke trumps the need to capture a zone. The community itself becomes larger than the game. Thoughts? Again, please check the **** and complaining at the door. We're all aware of the problems and they're all posted on other threads. This thread should be about what we enjoy in the game and sharing that with others. QONQR ON!
  2. This newbie friendly guide towards the strategic deep end guide brought to you by Legion, convert & credit Tetra today This guide really breaks down into a few chunks. With that said, there are a number of things that change in value based on the size/fortification level of a zone. I try to spell these out when they come up into relevance It was written on 11/8/13, if the combat system has been revamped, some things may become inaccurate. Standard bot guide (great for newbies) anywhere it starts talking about using things for defense, you really can't pump out enough to be significant until roughly level 75-85+ before then you just can't pump out enough bots that are strong enough to be more than a pebble to effortlesssly crush Zone assault: These guys are kind of a general purpose offensive bot. It doesn't have any bot types where it wins rock/paper/scissors style . When left behind for defense, they attack at the same time as an attacker meaning you will take damage at the same time. they are dealing it cimilar to 1700's "lets lime up and shoot each other on an open field and see who lasts longer", but they don't reload. after their initial launch, any leftover survivors will metaphorically reload & hang out on defensewaiting to attack enemy reinforcenents. these guys will be absolutely murdered by seekers. I think you get those around level 5-10ish It's usually a good idea to have a deployment or so of these in any zone simply to make an attacker spend time taking them out or suffer the losses they inflict weakening their offfense in progress Deflector These guys are basically big **** of armor. While they do not attack on their own, an attacker's bots will run down their batteries & die (in small numbers) while attacking them. In a large zone with full strengtheners (a support bot), they can benefit by gaining up to 100% shield strength Shockwave. These guys have no direct relationship to the boombox transformer but deal significant general purpose damage at the expense of getting wrecked by any attack bot You should almost always clear out seekers before launching these & usually zone assault too. If you choose to deploy through entrenched zone assault bots, expect a significant reduction in damage output, but not an elimination. munitions required bots. These guys you will pick up at varying rates as you reach 100. You can always go into the bot details to see when your next (or lack of) upgrade is. Sometimes this is level dependant, others it's both level and rank dependant. Plasma Beam: This is basically a laser that fries bots without leaving evidence that who did it. an opponent using the command center or watching bot totals can still see that _someone_ did it, just not who. If you do something silly like accidentally deploy some deflectors out of habbit into the zone you forgot you plasma'd before bed insteasd of yours, it's pretty likely your opponent can figure it out. These melt seekers at a rate almost as crazy as missiles While "it uses 0 bots"might seem like a huge win for deploying these whenever, a plasma deployment generates a statistically insignificant difference in heat compared to almost any other deployment. The overheat gague goes well beyond overheat3 (cherry red bar & +1/second) but at only 50 energy, these guys make it easy to push yourself into a realm where you will be getting more like 1/5-10 seconds & hurting yourself in the long run. [*]NanoMissiles. Extremely long range (~400 miles at level 100) They absolutely wreck seekers It's not uncommon to be able to blast 10-100k seekers with one missile depending on scope differences The left behind bits are a nuisance to a defender looking to send out deflectors, but they are so easily cleared it's not usually worth considering & they are kind of a waste of credits against deflectors & things. While aiding a distant ally is great, making a distant enemy can be a nuisance, remember to balance things or you could wind up making more friends than you expected. Missiles will also do a great job of blasting away potentially pesky absorbers much more effectively than shockwaves would [*]Absorbers: free of support bots, an absorber is almost twice as strong as a deflector (3 dots vrs 5 dots) & serves the same purpose. Absorbers claim to "absorb attacks meant for your ither nanobot swarms", but that functionality is of dubious value if it works at all. at 1 credit/1absorber bot with absorber4 (2000 bots/launch) it offers an insignificant of absorbtion for the standard bpts above (deflectors aside) While deflectors can use hardeners to boost their shields up to double over base, absorbers can only get +50%. This results in their usefulness being rather dubious when in situations with full support bot deployments as you wind up with deflectors at 6 shield dots for 0 qredits/as many as you can deploy and absorbers at 7.5 dots for 2000qredits/whatever you deploy (2000 current max) Absorbers are fairly weak to missiles as well [*]Hardened Lattice Think of this like equipping your bots with a bit of extra armor. They currently hard cap at 25,000 & only affect your bots The less bots you have in a zone, the stronger their effect, but it's probably impossible to hit these without first clearing everything in front (i.e. clear all standard bots+absorbers) In a small zone, these will be extremely vulnerable to a fast coordinated blitz but be quite strong In a frikkin huge zone (500k-1mil+), these will seem to have almost no effect until an opponent starts making a significant dent. Once they make a large enough dent, the lattice will make your bots more & more difficult to kill (the last couple hundred thousand might take as much effort as the first mil or so as an example plucked from my posterior) [*]These things stack their effect with support bots but it's unclear if there is a cap. Because of their seemningly sliding effect, it would likely be very difficult to determine where it lays. Divert: These bots will lower your threat, but are both a _sometimes_ requirement & simultaniously a waste of credits depending on the situation you should pretty much only ever deploy these when you have deployed a significant amount of support bots (bot booster & strengthen). If you deploy these yourself into a zone where you hve not & an ally has, you are actually hurting yourself!!!! That being the only bolded line is no accident, it's that important. Read that last point again, just in case you were confused use these things to drop the threat of your support bots below that of your allies in the event that all your bots are cleared out. It's sadly a waste trying to cloak your seeker/zone assault with these simply because it's currently impossible to deploy enough/strengthen them enough to where an opponent takes more than a redlight to clear them. bots currenty work on an every man for himself nature. No matter how good your seekers/zone assault are, they won't help your buddy if he's higher on the threat list When you have enough of these to overcome your threat, these work on a 100% basis, either you have less threat and your allies get popped first, or you don't 100% of the time. there is no chance where your buddy's deflector's might swat a missile meant for your seekers (or vice versa). Unless you deployed support bots (boosters/strengthen), don't ever bother with these or you make your buddy helping your bots by doing so more likely to lose them before your deflectors get lined up against the wall weaker for the effort than before those support bots were cleared If you did deploy a significant number of bots with a full deployment of support bots& have 1-2 allies who regularly say "ooh I still have 10k bots, that other guy is handling the zone nicely", a zone with full support bots/hardened lattice & ~800k deflectors with 200,000 diverters will still take the hit over an ally with ~10k deflectors if you still have any seeker/zone assault, good luck, go physically beat them with a stick instead of wasting qredits. It would be nice if divert looked at the deployed bots & had a chance of throwing a useless leftover bot dump like that in front of attackers, but it does not. Support bots These guys get a section all to their own despite being bots that need munitions. In both cases, until you get level 4 booster/strengthen bots (5000/deploy), the huge cost for the munition almost makes them a waste of qredits. Some bot types will benefit up to 100% of base from the addition of boosters/strengtheners, some others?... not so much. this happens at 40,000/40,000 of each 160,000 qredits worth of support bots is no small amount to blow carelessly. I normally wont even bother to start deploying them until I have a couple hundred thousand bots in the zone & finish somewhere between 500k-1mil+ of my bots. [*]If you have an ally who deploys them into a zone (especially fully), deploy zillions of bots into it to help fortify it. do not deploy even a single divert into the zone unless you have deployed a bunch of support bots. [*]Once you have a full support bot compliment in the zone, you & your allies should each pile up zillions of bots into it. Why each? There is little worse than slogging through a million+ +100% strengthened diverters with 25k lattice, only to find that you are looking the same iron wall in the face, possibly with a few more behind that before you even get to the strengthen/booster bots Tricks for leveragingpeople & functionality to your advantage Experience per launch will gradually decline as you deploy through the day. at midnight Silver's time, that degrade will reset for the new day. sometimes you can use this to your advantage depending on how your schedule aligns. Even though you can zap seeker/zone assault in bulk with ease, you can only zap one person's bots that way. simply be deploying them to well defended zones your allies has the effect of making an attacker need to deploy twice as many bots to clear it... even if the attacker's missile/seeker could have continued on to kill a billion times as many bots as you deployed. The same goes for deflectors absorbers can sometimes be great while building a beachead, once you have full support bots they are pretty worthless. Overall I find them less than impressive. The overheat levels operate on a rolling period of time. The clock starts when you first deploy Say hello to people aound you be it those who attack you/get attacked by you, or share a faction. Ingress has two factions, qonqr _three,_ you really don't want to be stuck with both your neighbors deciding you are the largest threat & worthy of enemy of my enemy status. On that last point, be conscious of how aggressive you get I know some friends who took every zone in major metropolitain area with the intent of demoralizing the other factions by the show of strength. I'm still feeling the effects from the backlash three hours away. People don't so much mind losing massively defended things if they get to hit you back, if your goal started and ended at "break his fortress" & repeat, you've just **** them off, see the last point. inverting that, I have a guy who has been attacking one of my zaones all day long for overe a week now, he's sent me messages like "so and so scares me, he's taken over 18 zones in the last week & seems to show no signsa of stopping, if you help me stomp him, I'll happily ceed anything you take from him as yours" No doubt some of you will be wondering why I posted such a detailed thing in the public "guides & strategy" forum instead of privately in the Legion forum. The reasons for that are many, In no particular order: I feel that I left more than enough up to people with an interest in discovering room to chew on the numbers & figure out where the nuts & bolts are for their own enjoyment. I can't imagine that any faction lacks a guide with at least some of this in it. A lot of this stuff is trivially easy to discover once you figure out how much scope differences affect the numbers; But a newbie with a 0% scope can't be blamed for wondering why the numbers vary so wildly from zone to zone & person to person. it pains me to see so many of my neighbors do things like drop hundreds of thousands of seeker/za in a zone, or millions of deflectors with no support bots/lattice only to be shocked when they & their allies do something to end the mutual disinterest their neighbors have in their zones. By making this public knowledge, it helps to aleviate the last point & provide more excitement without those victories feeling like "winning" at football against children or pulling wings off flies The larger % of players that know how to use bots & build fortifications, the more likely (hopefully) the eventual (post android/eventual) combat system updates silver's mentioned here & there are to really shake things up with a boatload of strategic depth for the strateic deep end instead of the strategic puddle.
  3. Player Obsession: Fatal Attraction? Detroit MI - December 1 2013 When does player retaliation cross the line? Is there such a thing as bullying a player by constantly attacking them; hampering their ability to enjoy the game, using multiple family accounts to gain an advantage? Anyone who has played QONQR for more than 30 days has likely had this experience or has been targeted for being new, or coerced into switching factions under duress. But an issue that I don't think is covered often enough is player obsession. Any competitive activity can bring out the best and the worst in a person. QONQR is a fascinating experiment in aggression and social interaction. This is what I believe makes QONQR unique. You can play as a rogue operative, without a team or other players that may support you. You can also build complex social hierarchies to effectively control vast areas of the game map. This takes a lot of time, talent and coordination along with relationship building. It is very common that the extent of these relationships is online interaction through a group chat program like Groupme or even TeamSpeak. Factions with good relationships will commonly meet in person which is truly fun since you get to finally put a name to a face. For example: EvilBastard1985 (not an actual player) might in fact turn out to be a very nice and quaint individual with no outward aggressive traits or behaviors. However, there is also a dark side when it comes to player personality traits, their motives, intentions and desires- both in-game and outside the game. I don't think this is unique to QONQR in anyway, but it is important to recognize. Occasionally a player(s) with great passion and enthusiasm for the game will take things too far. It is very easy to loose yourself in an game like QONQR. The murky walls that separate reality from the game universe can become indistinguishable at 2:30 AM when you are fervently waiting for another player to go to sleep in order to attack them and exact revenge. There is nothing wrong with this. In fact, it demonstrates great dedication and hard work to gain prestige and advancements in the game. However, when an operative becomes obsessed with another player, a real and dangerous problem can develop. Obsession: A state in which someone thinks about someone or something constantly or frequently especially in a way that is not normal. http://www.merriam-w...onary/obsession I have personally been dealing with an obsessive player here in metro-Detroit. There is no point mentioning the operative by name and making things worse, but bringing the issue to light might help other players who might be experiencing similar behavior. The operative in question began trolling and sending me abusive and chiding message though the wire when I began buying cubes to establish some equilibrium from the player's never ending attacking (which included successive attacks using family/household devices, technically not multiscoping but just as bad). After months of suffering brutal attacks and unable to gain any meaningful ground I started dedicating some of my entertainment budget to buying cubes. After I learned how to effectively use cubes to defend myself and ultimately retaliate, the abusive operative began sending more in-game wires, trying to make me feel bad for paying-to-play. The player also tried to make me feel bad by saying that I was ruining the game for "everyone else" because of my paid-for advantage. The aggression has escalated over the last 4 months with more and more abusive wire messages and wider spread attacks utilizing multiple family accounts. Now our entire region is engulfed in toxic drama brewed up by this operative. He has expanded his verbal abuse to other faction members, complaining about me, trying to turn them against me. He has gone to the forums and bad mouthed me by name and has gone so far as to warn all new incoming players not to consider joining our faction because I am a "the biggest bully in the game". The operative focuses 90% of his game time on a single player, myself. The player has been seeking out of state support from players who don't know me, our region or faction. The end result of all this is an operative who is constantly thinking about me day and night, and trust me, that is something I am not flattered about. In fact, my background in psychology would easily lead me to believe he is not just obsessed, but clinically bothered. Steps I have taken I have blocked the operative and his entire faction by going to the portal, clicking on the player's profile and turned off in-game messages from him and his entire faction. (However, the player just creates bogus, temporary accounts to reach me through the wire with new abusive messages). I have encouraged our entire faction to do the same. This eliminates the possibility that any other player won't get dragged into the obsessive behavior of the abusive operative. I spread my attacks around, diversifying the players I hit so I don't continue to encourage the operative to seek retribution. Unfortunately, the obsession is so deep that has not worked. I have taken days off and not played in an effort show the abusive operative I don't share his obsession, yet he 'believes' that I am somehow controlling my faction members and they are my proxies, somehow carrying out my will to persecute him. This is both a delusion of grandeur and persecution. The Regional Effect Sadly, this toxic relationship that the operative is obsessed with pursuing has spilled over onto the entire region. Fingers are being pointed at players who have no interest in the unwanted attention or association with me or the abusive player. This is, in fact, what I believe the goal of the operative is. Since he has been unable to successfully defeat me, cannot take zones I lead in and cannot successfully QONQR with his band of operatives (which lack communication and the strong relationships of trust and dependability we have built in our own faction); the operative has opted to make his game play about creating suffering and discontent for anyone within Zone Assault range of Detroit. The Apology I for one want to apologize to any/all players who have been caught in this crossfire. I feel badly another operative's fatal attraction with me has caused so many other players discontent. If you are experiencing a similar problem with an obsessive operative I would like to hear how you have handled it and if it has also hurt your faction or your regional game play. QONQR is a unique and addictive game, easy to become obsessed with. But obsession with a game may or may not be a problem for an individual player and their real world life. Obsession with "another operative" affects everyone, their game families, factions and regional play. The game loses its status as "entertainment" and becomes nothing more than a vehicle for harassment, passive aggression and selfish and strange behavior. Please join me in sharing your similar experiences, solutions or acknowledgements from both the Detroit area and around the country. ~misterbig