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Found 5 results

  1. Pay to cheat?

    What is the deal with sync lock protection? I have a multiscoper (suspected but pretty sure) in my area and he just buys sync lock protection for his accounts and continues to multiscope. Why is sync lock protection even an option? Who does it benefit? If it benefits couples/friends who play together and are not cheating why should they have to pay extra to play?
  2. New Blog Post and Video changes being made to Sync Lock. http://blog.qonqr.com/post/81894353388/sync-lock-changes
  3. Sync Lock Blog Post 4/10/2014

    Silver posted a new blog post this morning about some changes we are working on to Sync Lock and some additional features to come. http://blog.qonqr.com/post/82231691916/sync-lock-a-week-in-review -Gadge
  4. Sync Lock Is a Failure

    You know how I know? Because I have plenty of enemies and none of them have apparently bothered syncing my four accounts: Mudinthewater Galactic JDH2013 Schmitty Apparently I can multiscope with no consequences
  5. Sync Lock Solution

    Dear QONQR, I want to first say I am with you on your changes even though I am one of the few paying players to get locked the first day. I started last November & since got my younger brother, older brother, son, girl friend & possibly my daughter to play. With this new sync lock system it does make it difficult to maximize deployments but can be managed or pay the cubes to continue as normal. I think most people are more upset about the idea of being locked than it actually happening. I was discussing with my team trying to find a happy solution. Now my suggestion may seem radical but it might just work to help bail you out of a social nightmare. Why not embrace the fact that there will be people to run multiple scopes even with your sync lock system. Make it a viable part of the game. Since deployments will be limited to the same bot/energy bar why not create a set of deployments to use sync locking. Now going with the story line of bots, scopes, technology and the such, create a story. Make this a radical advancement in the ability to join forces to become stronger to help take down or build up these super bases that new players have such a hard time dealing with. Allow locked players a special set of deployments since it is inevitable for some of us to be locked. Come up with attack or defensive strategies that would fit the story line such as a combo attack doing higher damage at short range or a longer mid range attack with a little less damage but more range. Defensive strategies such as super shields for beach heads or zone stacking. Half life virus deployments to help reduce tower sizes. Maybe even a small EMP for a specific zone that doesn't necessarily eliminate bots but renders them inactive for a short time per say such as making other support bots affected inactive like amps or galvs. There is a lot you can do with sync locking to make it viable and profitable. Infection & cure could work both ways such as if you want to be a heavy hitter with sync lock ability and choose to be locked or get infected then someone can inoculate you to stop from using the bonus attacks. I think if you give people the choice to sync lock or not then it becomes acceptable. Plus if you don't get the infection, the concept of playing in same GPS location is irrelevant. Plus if you give benefits to sync lock less people would actually be subject to infecting people. On the other side of the coin it would be a small group that would do this and then could be counter acted with an inoculation from the depot. I believe you have a huge gold mine here with sync lock and should add it and develop it immediately since it is already here. Sincerely, Ed S. aka EdRoc213 (faceless) If you like my suggestions let's pull together and create a new aspect of the game. A choice is always better than being forced to go along with something.