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Found 2 results

  1. Daily Coolant

    During a recent op against a known multi - scoper, I had this idea as I looked at my radioactive red scope. What if we had a coolant? It would be a daily gift from Qonqr. Only one per day. Cannot be bought (to prevent those with deep pockets aka cubers from completely dominating). Cannot be stocked up. You will only ever have a max of one in your inventory. You could use when really fighting to maintain control of a zone. You would have to be careful as when to use it. Once used, that's it; you have to wait till the next day or 24 hrs. Someone who is synch locked would not be able to use it. This is a rough idea. What do ya all think?
  2. Bot tank and Energy Tank

    Quick question. To most efficiently spend my Qredits, I need to know about the tank upgrades. What is there highest level they can get to? There worth 100000 each so I find them quite a hassle...