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Found 6 results

  1. OnePlus One, Android 5.1.1 When using the bases detail screen, "current zone" does not update, regardless of travel to a different zone. Using back button and map center carat, followed by re-activating bases detail screen still shows old zone which is no longer current. Must exit application and re-launch multiple times before current zone is recognized.
  2. Does any one know what zone in the world has the highest bot count?
  3. Hi guys. I know there have been a lot of requests for other leaderboards besides total bot count, so here is one for total zone leads. Using a poll means the answers aren't exact, but it is far easier than other methods of keeping track and you can update it yourself. BE HONEST; it's really easy to tell if you are lying. If the response and feedback for this one is positive, maybe I'll make some for other statistics. Have fun!!! It wouldn't let me string together multiple questions without making you answer each one, so for now if you have more than 999 zone leads, just select the last option. EDIT: Now with Zones Captured Leaderboard too!
  4. Some way to remove bases?

    I know when I first started I went base happy. Now that I'm a more seasoned player I'm wishing I could get rid of some to create better bases. I think it would be a good idea to create a remove base function.
  5. Hi, I'm new to the game, and this will most likely be a really dumb question, but.... Is there any other way to get Qredits except for bases or Qcubes? I ask that because in the town I live there's set only one Zone, so I can only have one base, which means very little Qredits... Also if possible, can anyone tell me how are the zones generated? I mean, I live in a relatively big city (over 700k people live here) and there's only one zone in it, but when I look at the map, a city close by, which is far smaller has like over 200 zones in it, so I was wondering how are the zones generated, and if possible also know if there's a possibility that more zones will be added to my city. When taking that into consideration I get kinda sad that I only get about 1k or less in the game per day, that way I can't buy the upgrades and stuff (I did buy 2 but it took me 3 or 4 days to gather 3k Qredits).... Any info is greatly appreciated
  6. Are you a busy person? Do you never seem to have enough time on your hands, too few hours in the day? Are you forever worrying about whether you will be able to get everything done? WELL WORRY NO MORE! Normally I'd only post this neat little secret in the Swarm-only forums, because I'm loyal and sneaky like that. But now, for a limited time only, I'm going to let you in on a huge time saving technique! Don't thank me-- Thank you. Thank you for your attention. I promise what I am about to reveal will not disappoint. All I ask in return is that you like this post. That's right, all I'm asking for is a little recognition and five seconds of your time--five seconds that are a drop in the bucket of time you are about to save. Ok I'm tired of writing this like a shady web advertisement. I'm going to be a bit less verbose. If you, like me, have a large number of zones, checking them all to make sure they aren't slowly being drained of bots can be a pain. In some ways, dense concentrations of zones is worse, because it can be hard to remember which zones are which and where. And even when you do have your domain firmly under your thumb, checking each zone one at a time is laborious at best and off putting at worst. But never fear, I found a pretty cool work around, at least for the iOS. Windows Phone users I can't even remember what your interface looks like, so no guarantee. Also, for all I know, most of you may be well aware of it already, but as for me, I just recently realized what's going on. Ok now for the part that you actually care about. zoom out a bit so you can see some zones. I don't care how far out or how many zones. A dozen will do for this demonstration. Now, tap on one of those zones. The Stylized Q with the different faction bars will come up. Allow me to take a moment to point out another thing I sadly only recently figured out. normally the number displayed at the top of the Q is the number of bots of the faction that currently holds that zone, but if you tap (I'm reluctant to say click since these are touch screen phones we are talking about, not computers (technically they are computers, but you know what I mean.)) on the area reserved for the bars of the other factions, the number of bots for the faction you click on will show up. But that isn't what I wrote this rambling post for. I wrote this rambling post to tell you this: in the map screen, touch one of the zones. But this time, don't let go. Keep your finger figuratively glued to the screen. You see the map in the background? You see those other zones? Try sliding your finger over to one of them. As if by magic, you instantly see the stats for the zone your finger is now touching. Try sliding to another zone. Voila, instant bot info! as you do this, you will repeatedly hear the sound byte that accompanies opening a zone, as the program tries to figure out what is going on. This sound is what first tipped me off that something was happening, as sometimes while scrolling in an area with lots of zones my screen would freeze for a moment and while tapped it randomly, I would somehow trigger this. Armed with this knowledge, you can zoom out to the maximum zoom possible, and quickly check on all the zones you see. A pretty cool time saver, one that I hope you put to use to make up for how long it took you to read this. Don't forget to like this post and have a great day QONQRing! TL;DR: on the iOS, if you tap on a zone on the map but don't lift your finger afterwards, you can slide your finger to the other zones in the background and instantly see their name and bot numbers.