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Flash QONQR Game for poor Android users :)

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Hi guys!

I made a simple QONQR themed flash game.

It's not perfect for now, but it works, and I wont have too much time in the next few weeks, so I share it with you now.

Here is the link (updated) :


Have fun! :)

(It's uploaded to a free server, so if it has problem its normal. Press refress, and it will work! :))

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Hi guys!

Some of you write to me that its just an empty page.

No, its not :)

The problem is the game is pretty big, and it takes a few seconds or a minute to download it, and before it downloaded its really seems just a white page.

Anyway, now there is a new banner on the page, so its not empty any more :)

Have fun!

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