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For Legion in Paris

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what about change your mind and convert you in purple?

you'd have a quick level growing and could qonqr some zones a little away!

If not, I'm sorry to tell you taht it will be VERY difficult

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Hi there, this post is to inform foreign readers that if there is no recent news, it's not because lakhram has failed... it's exactly the opposite :D We, legion, are now in total control of Paris and its suburbs... The " actives " Faceless here are M.I.A. or, for those who's still here, just jokes ;)

Paris is red and no one can take us out.

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It is very usefull to read this post almost four month after the first word publied. Our goal was simple since almost all of our country was purple at the end of february except Lyon and Toulouse. Marseille was the first to be liberated, then Nantes, Paris, Caen, Arras, Lille, Mons de Marsan and all major cities of France are now free from this alien AI and those fool who try to collaborate with or control it.

(QONQR AI is very similar to the master ring in the Tolkien lore, because nobody except the dark lord can control it, it is totaly malefic, so the only alternative for the free people is to destroy it. Do you understand Sam (Swarm) ? I must destroy it !)

The job for us is an endless one, it is why unity is so important.

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