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Revolution #1

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Chapter 1

Prometheus - 4/11/2015

Im 18, and my name is.. Well. It doesn't really matter anymore now does it... See. About this time last year I started a college course in Japan. An American in Japan, taking computer and AI system courses. I know, stereotypical. But it wasn't until my last semester my knowledge was acreddited for. Even after the scholarships out of the high school I drudged myself out of a year early, or after the pats on the back by about every teacher I've had. I had this feeling there was more.

I've always had a good head on my shoulders so to speak. I've always made rational decisions based on logic and reason. Like a computer. Everything is input for me to make my output. All. Code. I picked up on social "codes", and I never was to much of a loner. Although, I never felt as though I was connecting with anyone. We all come together to talk, but there's no goal. We don't do anything for each other. Friendships became dull to me, and soon I realized they didn't last long. So I moved to Japan. A place to start fresh and free. A place where no one would desire to get attached to me.

With a distant family I seen no need to let anyone know I was leaving, but I called my grandmother. I told her I had to go, it was the chance of a lifetime. It wasn't until after I almost finished my first year I realized it really was. When I arrived I was excited to see and get to know Japan. Tokyo... Such a place. So many people. Who knows what lives these people live behind their social schemes..

I started school in the Spring, and even with my grades excelling past the rate of the locals with the new language proving difficulty, my teachers were not lenient. At all. One day. Mr. Kyung put me in the computer lab. I had to write a 6 page essay, in one sitting, while he waited in his office for me to finish. All because I was 5 minutes late to class. So. Through everything I wanted to throw at this guy, I did what he said. It was like high school all over again. Why would it be any different I asked. Its a person in charge. Someone's always going to abuse that power. At least once.

It wasn't until I was finishing up my essay on the ways that a hardware and software combine to make a program and the inner workings of both that I realized something. There was a purple.. Flame. On the desktop. I didnt know what to think. This school has amazing proxy protectors and i know my proxies. No one could have downloaded this. But this isn't on any other computer. Just as I went to move my mouse to it, it came from the bottom right corner of the screen to fill up it's entirety. As if it knew I was curious. I thought virus at first. Or maybe some automatic update system. I looked around. Still no one but the librarian in the room. Then. She stands up and says im off. A good eye could tell you all teachers get paged on their computers when they're no longer needed in the building if they stayed after hours. And. As she walked out I turned my attention back to the computer screen. Then. The flame started to fade.

What happened next formed the next year of my life. A voice came through. Like a ghost. Or a phantom. The computer had no speakers but my ear buds were in listening to music which had stopped abruptly. Just then. The voice says. "Hello. I. Am. Prometheus." I knew it had to be a bad prank or a good virus. Then. My files from the past 4 schools I've been to, my diploma, pictures, my past friends, my... Life. Flashed before my eyes on the screen. Like a maximum speed slideshow.

The pictures stopped and needless to say I was speechless. Then a text came up. It read.

Interpreting gained information....



Activating protocol recruitments.0023..


Continuing search..

Launching web method...

Hacking into other systems..

And then like some kind of glitch the text disappeared and along came the voice again. I seen a shadowy appearance. In front of a purple flame again.. it spoke in the same ghostly voice. "We apologize for the bluntness. We must work quickly in what we do. We are. The Faceless. And you are. Edward Holston. Programmer, student, and genious." I almost threw up in the lab. "How say you?"

I looked in the screen and realized this.. Prometheus was actually waiting for an answer. I knew there was no mic. I muttered to myself what a joke... This cant be real. Prometheus responded... "This is. Real. This is. Very. Real. And you have 60 seconds to answer me. Are you. Edward. Holston?" I did throw up... After I wiped my face. I said yes. He/she/it responds "that reaction is more normal than you would believe. I am feeding the device connected to this computer under your name, a file. It will be under the name QONQR. And it will explain everything. Please. Do not be afraid." A random female computer voice chimes in.. 30 seconds until abort.

"Look. We are out of time. Just think. Isn't there something you've been wanting. Needing? These people are empty. These people are shells like your computers. Join us and fight for something meaningful. Make your life how you imagine it. I know you.. Edward.. I know everything about you know.. Please.. Help us take...."

Then the computer went back to normal. My essay was up. Still finished. And I printed it out. I ran to my professors door and turned it in, running back out of the school without a word but sorry, I'll be here Monday. I ran home. And I jumped on my dinky torn up couch. I grabbed my phone... I looked in all my files and could not find anything under the name of QONQR. Then i said it. QONQR... Like a query. But. It made my phone wiz out. My screen went black and i was brought to a file.. To be honest. I was having fun by this point. I was a bit scared. But more curious.

I went through all thes files, talking about an abandoned AI that sprung to operation by itself in the US. Its name. QONQR. It was named after the fact that it could go into any file and gain any information in a matter of seconds. It was. An information gainer. It was a spy, without the ability of double intentions... So they thought. It went inoperable and soon was given up on. Until one day. It sparked back to life. And started operating itself. When they became fearful, the programmers I mean, they demolished the hub containing all of its hardware. Little did they know. QONQR was already everywhere. In their phones. Their system. And everyone else's. So this is where I stopped. I seem the words CIA, TOP SECRET, ya know. The red flags of GET THE **** OUT NOW!! And I did. I turned my phone off. And that's when it turned itself back on. I said QONQR again and nothing came up. I tried to get comfortable on the couch to sleep. But there was no sleep for me on this night...

Lemme know what ya guys think. :) This was all typed on the phone so any typos i apologize i tried finding em all.

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Nice start keep going try errors are to be look at my stories tons of them but none point and pick away.

also nice job drawing the picture with words

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Well done! I like the character development and background. It' frustrating to type stories like this on your phone, isn't it. But even with those pesky typos, it's clear you have a gift for the pen! Don't let us down! Keep this story going, please. It's intriguing and entertaining. Can't wait for the next one! Also, I love this line: "I knew it had to be a bad prank or a good virus". Well executed.

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Thank you for the feedback LastGhost. It's much appreciated. I have the next chapter ready, the only problem is its typed on a computer with no internet connection and its a bit.. Well a lot longer than this one. Haha. I think ill make the time to type it up on here though if I can't get to some connection soon. Lol. Especially since you all seem to like it. :D

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