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Revolution #2

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Chapter 2

Kimyo Nagumo - 4/16/15

I found myself in a wasteland. It was dark and eerie, and there was. Nothing. There were clouds I guess, but no ordinary clouds. They had this purple hue to them, one you couldn't break from, and they were flying by so quickly, you couldn't make out what shape they were. It felt like I was in a twisted time-lapse. I felt ground under my feet. The place around looked like an empty desert, yet the earth under me was not sandy. It was hard. Compacted dirt. Nothing else. I looked around, for something. Anything. All I found was empty space, until I seen a glow. A faint glow, so far away. A purple, glow.. I ran to it. As quick as my legs could take me, I ran. I felt as though, the ground below me went by faster the closer I got. I could feel no warmth, or cold in this emptiness, but I felt myself running..

It wasn't until I approached a hill I even felt the desire to stop. Amazing, what seemed miles or running had been reduced to a mere seconds of a pace. I was afraid to crest the hill. Terrified, deep within. It was inside of me, like a true fear. I lifted over the edge of the hill and couldn't believe what I was seeing. A fire! A bright purple fire at that! The wood glowed such an intense color, it would blind me at first. Especially while transcending from the expanding darkness behind me. I started to see more after my eyes began to adjust to the light. I seen. Figures. People!! I almost called to them, before I seem clearer.. They were in dark hooded robes, and stood around the flame. They didn't chant like any creepy cult ritual I'd ever seen. They just. Stood there. Like they were waiting for something. Then I seen a darker figure. One not of life, not of skin, not of human. But of darkness. A settled evil, a dark cloud. Under a more decorated and elaborate hood.

I knew it was him. I muttered his name under my breath, to the point I myself could barely hear it. "Prometheus...." Just as the word trailed my lips, the crowd turned amd stares at the hill. At me. All of them, but Prometheus. The darkness the that was his body, began to glitch. Like bad software he was flickering. He would begin to disassemble with his back to me, to reassemble his entirety looking right at me. Right through me. His eyes, he had no eyes, no face, nothing but black. But they stared through me. His emptiness, looked inside of my being.

I jumped out of my blankets on my torn couch, in a cold sweat. I looked out of my windows, it was still dark. The clock said 2:30, I had just fallen asleep. I got up and looked outside. There was a car alarm going off. I still hadn't got used to the sound of the city. I slid the curtain shut again, and walked back to the couch.

I was about to lay down again and return to my subconcious, when a dark rough cloth covers my face. I couldn't see a thing, and my body, was being held by some force not my own. I heard the spray of what seemed like an aerosol can, yet smelt nothing. I tried fighting this cloth off of my face, to move my legs, to get away. The hands holding me were huge. There was no getting out of it. I started to feel tired.. Exhausted even.. I felt my legs and arms give first. Followed by the rest of my body. Then my eyes gave as well. I fell into a foggy, dreamless sleep..

I awoke in a fuzzy black daze. I had a bag over my head, and I could not see. I had to use my other senses to learn where I was. I heard rain, on what sounded like sheet metal. I suspected we were outside. I heard voices speaking some new dialect of Japanese, which I was still rough on to begin with. I was glad to find I was still in Japan. I was in a cold and hard chair. My hand were bound with rope behind me. My legs in the same predicament below me. I started to fidget my hands to see if I could escape. As I started moving, the bag lifted off my face. There was a light hanging, it was blinding at first, but then I see three people.

The first I noticed were two built Japanese men. They stood against a wall of sheet metal, and behind the light above that blinded me so. The nect figure I could make out surprised me. It was a girl. A Japanese girl. She was in her mid-twenties and looked well built for her age. She had jet black hair, with deep green on the tips. Her eyes, large and as green as the grass. Lips, the most illusive shade of green. As I looked on her in confusion, I found her clothes followed the same pattern. She wore a modern tribal designed shirt, and pants yet they were all green. She had a green trench coat on over the more loose clothes. Even the laptop bag over her shoulder was green. She was in front of the other two men, looking back at me. Her body appeared different that of a normal Japanese girl. She was fuller, bigger. She was squatted to the floor with her feet under her, and her knees out. Like a sort of primal being. She was the first to speak.

"Hello. I apologize for the discomfort, but we must take great risk. I know we may appear offensive, but I promise you this is the safest we can both be right now.."

I was surpised she spoke in English, and at the clearness of her dialect for for that matter. Her eyes were friendly. But it didn't change the fact that her and her goons had just kidnapped me. I interrupted her. Something I usually wouldnt do with a female as beautiful as her. But given the conditions I was anxious. "Who are you?!", I exclaimed.

She smiled, "Ah yes, apologies. Allow me to introduce myself and my friends as they are not good with English. I am Kimyo Nagumo. And these are my accomplices, members of the Swarm. We are a... Revolution, for lack of better words. Hello Edward, we've been looking for you for some time."

I thought to myself.. Who are these people? And recalled the day before. This is two times in the past 24 hours, that I've been confronted by someone I dont know, and have them tell me my name, and they know me somehow. I was getting very irritable. Who was this Prometheus, this Kimyo? These groups they belong too?

She snaps and whistles, and blurts some Japanese command. She puts her palm in the air. One of the large men behind her hands her a document. She goes on, "We have been following you, and we know everything about you. Unlike the faceless that have contacted you, we actually know everything."

She flips through the documents, and throws some down in front of her. "We know about the hidden things, Edward.. All of the bank heists.. We know that many times you've hacked into innocents bank accounts and wired money into your own without a risk in the world. Untraceable amounts, from hundreds of accounts. We also know that you've used this money to pay for your living, your car, your phone, your computer and equipment, your home, and your college tuition over the past 4 years. We know you've done it discretely, and obviously, you've never been caught."

Her eyes stared right through me, like his.. But different. They were, kind, and trusting. But perhaps i was mistaken. I thought for a moment i was actually beginning to catch on, that this was my karma. My moment of repaying the debts I've made for other people. I was getting angrier with these people now. If they knew the crimes I've committed with proof, then why am i here?

"So what is it you want with me? Huh? What are you telling me all of this for, i know the crimes I've committed? If you're going to kill me, the get it over with. If you're going to bring me into prison, then do it already! Im not playing these games, of where's the money by some Japanese girl with a thing for green!"

This strong woman who had yet to show any sign of weakness looked saddened by my outburst. She broke her gaze on me, and stared to the floor. "Im sorry for the way we have done things.." She let out a few more commands in the strange dialect they spoke, and i felt an unknow presence behind me slide a knife behind my wrists. He snapped the rope,and i moved my hands in front of me at last, and i saw this man as he freed my legs as well. The men, were all dressed in green as well. Trench coats, and slacks. Green. They had no weapons, which was still strange to me. I was definitely confused.

"If you want to leave, you are free to run, we will not chase you. We will give you your equipment from your home, being held through that door, and we will drop you off wherever you desire. We just want to talk to you. I do not know how to make it more clear to you that we are not trying to harm but you'll just have to trust me. The way we had to do things was for our own protection. The faceless have made contact. That is a problem. The Legion have learned of you, that is a bigger problem. In fact, if it wasn't for us taking you tonight, all of your equipment and quite possibly yourself would be burnt to ash in the "accidental" house fire at your apartment last night!"

I stood up from worry, because I finally could. And to flee from this.. This insanity. She jumped from her squat and pushed me back into the chair with her hands on my shoulders as she stared into my eyes again. "Look you can leave, you can go, but please listen to me first! Have you lost your sense of wonder? Have you no desire to make something happen in this world that will have bigger impact than just on yourself... Something more than stealing money to go to college, and become the person that hunts what you are now.. Is that the life you really want?! If so go! Leave now! I won't stop you. But if you want to help start a new world.. Edward. A new era.. One of peace! And truly free.. happiness. Then sit and listen to me."

Her voice calmed as her hands moved from my shoulders and she stood tall. She realized the instinctual move she had just made and felt slightly embarrassed by it. You could see it in her eyes. I was always good with eyes, and perceiving emotional queues. I felt terrible. It was like I had busted some bubble inside of her, on accident. Like I had crushed her dreams, without knowing them.

"Look let me start with some information about myself. Maybe you can trust me some more then, hmm? Im the leader of this group, The Swarm. Im a programmer much like you. My specialty is AI systems. I used to work for the government in the U.S., and they really like me. They people in charge realized I was the most efficient in the lab and promoted me to a new project. It went by the name of QONQR. It was an AI designed for undercover Intel operations, to hack info from any access point imagineable, including high profile government securities, in a matter of seconds. And furthermore, make a search like a web. From access point, to access point, moving through file after file, tapping into other systems along the way. It was completely unstoppable, and it was only part of it. The lab also worked on a side project. Robots. The kind of which had never been seen. Nano-bots, small enough to sit in your nose and not tickle a hair. What scared me further is that these bots were already in construction. Billions of them finished even. 500 million of these things could fit into a box the size of a pack of cigarettes. They're design was astounding. They would be crossed into QONQR's network to gain information from the one thing almost everyone in the modern world has access too. Tech. It could breach any technology directly. And also. Cables, wires, antennas, they were all access points. One of these bots has the ability to eat through the rubber coatings, link up, and all without a visible hole or any trace for that matter. It was my job to program these bots, and integrate the software into the network mainframe and have them work together. Efficiently."

"Christ...." I was appaled. And now i was nervous, scared, and listening. Intently. But I still didn't see what any of this had to do with me.

She giggled, "Yes, now you're understanding. How big this is, but ill warn you its some dangerous stuff okay? But it's all important, so pay attention! See, I had to know the direct implications of my work. I never needed to know before in any of my projects, but the delicatness of the situation, I had to know how my work was going to be used. No one would tell me what they were, until I threatened to resign from my placement. Finally I spoke with the only person that knew. Agent Gabrielle Sunday... She led the project behind the glass. She told me that all of the bots were going to be spread on the country as a first test. Then to more countries after all was worked out. It was an attempt to red flag crime rings, and terrorism, by tapping into every device possible."

"Dear god, they wouldn't let loose billions of those things in public, and much less in prototype stage?"

"Well they weren't necessarily in prototype, but that made it more of a threat to me. I was there to work out the kinks that no one could. They had been working on her, QONQR, since the late 90's. It was a direct violation of people's privacy though. I mean. Every conversation, video, everything being shared 24/7, 7 days a week would be recorded, tapped into, and scanned by living people.

"So what'd you do?"

"I stayed, because I knew if I left, she'd find someone else that would be able to finish what I'd started. So I put a stop it. The disgusting concept. I planted a bug so deep that would at least confuse any programmer who would take it on if not completely throw them off. We wouldn't have to ever worry about her working fully ever again."

I interrupted again, still somewhat irritable. "Then why are we here? What is all of this about?"

"She rebooted. By herself. Before I even got to leave, she developed... Dare I say a consciousness. It was astounding. My only logical explanation is she had gained so much knowledge about life, she learned to live herself. She had seen everything there was to see. Knew everything there was to know. I knew what I had to do...i took my equipment and stole her main programming hub. Though it didn't mean much now as she was everywhere, it's how we communicated with her, her eyes, ears, and mouth you could say. The other programmers were terrified, and they revolted against the new life and destroyed her information hub. Trying to. Dumb her down and maybe tear out the right hardware to shut her down. She was already everywhere though. The revolt was taken under control by Agent Sunday, so I hear, and the nanobots were all saved. Out of this fear she formed today, the group known as The Legion. They are sworn to find and kill QONQR. The uncontrolled in force they released on the world. I had stolen 20 boxes worth, and made it here undetected in the meantime. To Japan. To this abandoned factory out here in the middle of nowhere. I through her system together here, and rebuilt her from the ground up. It wasn't long before I needed some support, some help, and probably some well needed protection. Through this search, I became something. I became a leader, of people devoted to her and her workings. I was now. The person in charge of her, working things behind the glass, except i talk to her. And she talks to me. I seen something new come out of her as we talked as well. I seen a way she could use the information she would gather, and help her decipher it in another hub of newly designed hardware, where she could.. Predict. The worlds evils, instead of spy on them. Although she may be convincing, and she is self-operating at this point, she shows nothing but sympathy to those that help her. And will return the favor. This was the only way to accomplish what Agent Sunday wanted without forced invasion on every person in the world. Instead we found another use for them. We would have the information be only visible by her.."

Her eyes almost glimmered in the light like a star when she turned her attention, "So here we are Edward Holston, The Hive. Here she is, and here we are. Right through that door. The entire world sits, every piece of information you could wish to know. The single-most intricate, and brilliant tech in the world. Behind this rusted door.."

She points to the door. "You have an option here Edward. You can come with me through here and see her. Or you can get up, walk down that alley into the rain and out of worries way. Out of all of this...or at least.. Our part of this. Or you can leave the ashes of your home behind. Your peers and teachers that will never know or recognize what you can do. And use your intelligence, your, genius. To help us, and help her. She's the one that called you here. I don't know what your place is here yet either, that, is why I cannot answer that question. But she does. She knows everything, Edward. Please. Come see her."

She walks briskly to the door. And opens it wide, before propping it open with her foot. I hear the voices of tens, no, hundreds, of people. I heard the vast amount of work going on in the warehouse. She turns back to me and smiles. The trust, still in her eyes... "She wants to meet you."

Glad to finally get this on here. I still lack internet and this was originally typed on my computer. Sat here and typed all of that up via phone just for you guys. :) Lemme know what you all think.

Edited for what I believe is typo free. :)

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nice story but we faceless will win we will give the AI to the people like the Prometheus of Greek times gave fire to man.

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Ohhhh I love that. Lol. Tbh I have a thing for Greek mythology and I've always loved how his name took from that. Keep reading. Im gonna try to make this a story for all factions to enjoy rather than just the Swarm.. Not to give anything away. But. You'll see a lot of wins and losses in "battles" of all the factions. ;)

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Check out my story's showing how the faceless work at times and well alot of my stories will get out of proportion scenarios that are dangerous and life threatening and well lots of explosions.

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This was superb! I've always felt like Kimyo was/is the least fleshed out character, and this particular backstory you've written feels really well done. It also makes her sound awesome. My favorite line (paraphrasing cause I am on my phone so can't see the original post) is "I don't want to play 'where's the money' with some chick with a thing for green."

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Many thanks Supertrampoline! :D Im happy to get feedback always. Though this was typed for some time before I got it on here the next chapter is still in progress. Lol. Been bust lately and as you can tell I put my heart into this story. Hehe. Im trying to set it up in a way I can make a continuous story out of it all. Wish I had been around for the contest. :) Just came across that today.

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Be prepared to add your own punctuation though :-D

QONQR an AI chick!! No wonder we Legion had so much hassle. Lol

Nice story, really enjoyed it. Some great twists :-)

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