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The day started out like no other. I woke up and went to school just like every other day. When I returned home, I sat on my laptop when everything turned black as if it restarted itself. Then a video stream came up with a man dressed all in black, but had a mask with green figures on it. The mask read "Tewks, the legion are surrounding us"

I had no idea what that meant so I just turned my computer off and asked "What just happened?!"

The next day was like any other. I woke up went to school, then returned home. But this time I turned on the television. Hoping I would not see that man again. But once again, my screen turned black and he appeared again. this time I heard voices they said

"The legion are surrounding you." "Join us to fight back" "We have heard about your experiences in combat based operations and we need you to liberate New York from Legion control" QONQR must be controlled and we can control it.

Then I did my research.

I have never heard of this QONQR business before so when I googled it, nothing showed up.

Later that same day my phone seemed to be acting weird. I checked it and there were emails from "Prometheus@Gmail.com" (LAWL)

I looked at them and it had all the information i needed. I learned everything. The Faceless wanted to control it for themselves. I was heading in that direction.

After I was recruited into the Faceless organization, I spoke with a training expert. He trained me in ground combat. Where I would run ground missions fast and then escape to not be found. I saw myself doing easy runs at first: Hacking a computer, destroying Legion equipment. It was fun at first.Then one day while running and operation alone I came across a giant factory. One I had never even seen before. There was a great big red shield insignia painted on the front of the factory. I thought to myself "Hmmmm this must be the major Legion factory. Ill just run in cause some havoc then get out." As I was climbing the outside and go to the roof I saw 4 legion watchman that were no problem, I distracted them and snuck into the factory.

I couldn't believe what I saw. I saw Nano-bots being created by the billions, I saw DPF cores, and Nano-Missiles pouring out of machines faster than any Faceless factory I have seen. So I decided to steal it. I managed to hack into all the computers and get the data it takes to create machines like that. But then the alarm sounded as a women's voice came on the speaker.

She Said "Our securities have been breached by Faceless operative Mtewks81. We must close all exits and capture him."

I knew that I was in trouble. I needed to get out but the only exit I could think of was the roof, but by then they would know who I am and take me in. I decided to try the front door. A easy escape was to deactivate the front door and bust out using a small bug i learned in training. As soon as I implemented that bug I bolted towards the front door. I managed to escape. Thinking I was in the clear I saw ahead of me Prometheus and he appeared displeased. He gave me a sheet of paper and vanished with a great big flash. After my vision came back I saw a women. Standing in front of me with three men beside her.

She said "Thats him"

The next thing I know is im being dragged through some town and saw it burnt to the ground. Purple flames everywhere. The faceless flame drawn on the streets. Something didn't feel right. I was the only Faceless operative around. Sure I recruited a friend but they left months before. By the time we got to the outskirts of the town I saw the sign containing the name of the town. It was my town. On the sign was writing in purple. "(Town Name), has been liberated."

"What happened?!" I yelled

I was then Knocked out and woke up in a dark room. Outside I heard a knock on the door and the same women walked in. She told me her name.

"Agent Sunday eh?? You are the leader of the legion! What do you want with me?!" I said

"We know who you are Mtewks81" She said

"And we wanted to show you what the Faceless do when they are done with you."

"They burn down my town?!" I yelled! (Still have yet to read the paper Prometheus handed me.)

"Look in your pocket" Sunday said as if this has happened before.

I took the paper out of my pocket and read it out loud.

"Mtewks81, we appreciate everything you have done to further our cause. With the knowledge you have gathered we can further our advancement in QONQR and control it even further. By doing this we must eliminate any evidence that you were our operative. So we have to destroy your hometown containing your primary Base. I apologize but this is what must be done. Your services are no longer required, you are no longer Faceless. -Prometheus"

I sank. my work was stolen and the rest trashed. Agent Sunday then took my hands and from across the table she apologized. IT seemed very sincere and warm. For such a strong looking women she seemed very gentle. She then slid my profile to me and handed me a lighter.

"You can burn everything you once were. The Faceless use you, then throw you out like trash. So please burn what you once were like they burned your town. You can become a operative for the legion and fight the Faceless. Here with the Legion you can use your hacking skills and combine them with our ground assault specialty. By doing this we can get rid of the Faceless and prevent this tragedy from every happening again. Other members of the Faceless have joined us. I would place you in squads with those former members. In fact one of your old friends has joined us. What do you say?"

I replied "Look Sunday, i dig that your name is reminding me of Ice cream right now. So I will accept the offer. Honestly I dont want anything to do with QONQR anymore but I must return my morale as well destroy the Faceless."

"Excellent!! (She Smiled) Please take this (hands over my badge) This symbol is unique the shield is our symbol. Shows we are going to defend what we know is right. Humanity. QONQR aims to destroy humanity, so we shall protect it by destroying QONQR. The bird is unique to you. The A forms eagle wings. The A stands for Ambition. We know how much potential you have and how you can achieve great things. The eagle represents how high you can fly in achieving your goals. Mtewks81, welcome to the Legion."

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boo swarm! you over ran my area! okay, legion I want to have an op up here to wipe out this cluster of swarm zones.

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