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How to create new ZONES

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Hi there! I've just started to play, but as I understood players can't create new zones. So, my question is:

  • why in the capital of Belarus - Minsk there is only ONE! Zone? (more than 2 mln people lives there)
  • and in a distant city (Baranovichi) wirh 250k of abotants there are more then 30+ zones unused

Is there any logic of game-creators?

Thanks for the unswer

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It would be a massive undertaking but perhaps with help make a section of the forums where people can request a new zone be added. Perhaps a moderator verify the place using the internet and google earth. It may however be an extensive issue adding to something that is from another source, unless it would be just editing their own form of the open source material. Still someone has to go in and change the coding I would imagine to do this. If silver has to do it then that takes away from features, updates, the android version that will change battlefields as we know them.

A lot of variables.

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