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Question about Cubes

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Hi everyone,

I'm new on this game but I like it. Nevertheless I'm a bit upset because I don't really understand how to "evolve" without paying a bunch of €..

It is said somewhere that any player can access every features for free, but that it just takes a little more time:

We want everyone to be able to do everything in the game for free, by earning qredits, but for those who want to move a bit faster, you can purchase cubes to speed things along.


But, since every upgrades requires at least one cube, how am I supposed to earn cubes without paying ?

More generally, what is the proportion of players that can reach a high level and own many bases for free ?

I mean, I know it is kinda supportive to buy some items, but regarding the prices of the cubes - from 1€ to 0,5€ per cube, I wonder how much does the high ranked player spent.

It's not that I don't want to pay anything,( I'm used to buy full games), but it seems to me, that if you spawn in an enemy territory and really want to progress, you gonna have to start by spending at least 10€ if not more, which is expensive considering the features of the game.

Now I don't want to start a debate, since I'm new to this game and maybe and don't get all the subtilities, so I'm here for advices on how to make real progress while playing for free.

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They do not require one cube, it is one or the other that they require.

Hte most progress to being competitive is free and based on how much you play, within overheating restraints of course.

That my friend is getting to the level cap of 100...

Recruiting friends is the easiest free way to get cubes. They get 2 for saying they were recruited and the recruiter receives 6 cubes when they reach level 19....

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