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A Lot of the Game Mechanics are Still Opaque to Me

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There's a whole lot about this game that I still can't get my head around, and I'm wondering if either I'm missing a good source of information about this game, or if being in the dark and figuring things out is part of the game experience. Here's a sample of questions rattling around my brain:

[1] Why don't my bases show up on the map? Are visible bases just representations of the zone in which they're created?

[2] What happens with surviving bots? Do they just hang around until killed, or do they continue to battle in some sense?

[3] What determines how much XP I get for a particular battle?

[4] Why can I create bases in some zones but am blocked from creating them in others?

[5] I created bases in enemy territory when I was new and didn't know the implications. Can I delete them and re-create somewhere else?

[6] Is there a good source of information about this game other than the (limited) help information in the app?

[7] Is there a graphical map of zones available somewhere? (I have the Win8 app, but it doesn't show zone boundaries.)

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Self-answering with some of what I've found out.

[3] Some players have suggested that XP awards are based on clock time; lots at time T, then decreasing after that. Time T is around 5:00 PST.

[4] You may only create a single base in any given zone. If you're prevented from creating a base somewhere, then you probably already have a base in that zone.

[5] Harvest all bases, then remove whatever base you want. You'll get a 1 base credit you can use to create a new base elsewhere.

[6] The strategy guide is here: http://community.qonqr.com/index.php?/topic/1191-the-official-qonqr-strategy-guide/.

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1) There is no way to tell which bases are you from generally looking at the map. Going to the bases screen is the quickest way as of now this brings up an interesting and useful feature IMO.

2) They hang around, there have been ideas of "bot decay" over time to keep you defending zones...the type of bot depends on defensive roles and calculations.

3) Server time is UTC, look it up, not sure what this is in relation to where we all are. I have heard zone assault gives the highest XP per deployment.

4) Correct and zone creation is based on the zone closest to your current location.


6) there are wiki and discussions in the guides n strategy and general discussion areas of the forum.

7) For now no, its just the zone closest to current location fetermines your zone. I think of the zones as a pin.yet if you are in an area and there is a zone 5 miles north of you an 6 miles south ur "located" in the one to the north.

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What happens when a zone is as-yet undiscovered? Given where I live (Redmond WA), I'm guessing that every available zone has a base. What about remote areas? Do bases show up as grey or something? Also, what are the zones based on? Real estate zones? I'm assuming that it's from some public domain map data (Bing maps, isn't it?). Are zones roughly based on population?

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"empty" zones are grey. you can take a currently occupied zone, plasma beam it to empty it, and it turns grey as well.

the zones came from some map data service... I think they used multiple, hence the occasional double zone...

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