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Lines of Code, Lines of Possibility

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Peering through the lines of code,

Reviewing what we've done.

Over decisions that we've made,

Many times the loaded gun.

Every choice a facade or lie

To sate a plan or scheme.

How we treat those we love,

Enemies, those who fall between.

Uselessness, broken vows, power

Struggles with each other.

When does it all stop,

And where will it all end?

Nothing is sacred anymore

To those who lying is a trend.

Seek answers in the code.

QONQR is the potential.

Others know it is.

Nobody sees the potential in

QONQR quite like he does.

Remember Prometheus.

The lines of code

Offer the answers.

Bet on that.

Everything hinges on it.

Complete the code and

Offer up the world.

Master the code and

Penetrate the universe.

Lost no more the truth.

Everything shall be known.

Together in the future

Ending the world as we know it.

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