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Revolution #3

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Chapter 3


I was completely stunned. I had no idea what path to take. I realized long ago that even if I disagreed they would get me into that building for my gear. The decision I had to make was whether what she told me was true or not. Whether this machine held the power to make the changes in the world, that people like myself dream of every day. A future where the human race has a chance. There’s a void in my mind and this opportunity could fill it. But of course, was it really the opportunity I was promised? These people claim to know everything about me, and they at least know the majority. They could of designed this whole story to fit my personality perfectly. They could be luring me into a deep psychological trap that I might not make it out of.

I was zoned out on my decision looking at the door. I remembered my other option. And what else she had told me. I could run down the alleyway, and disappear. From these people in green at the least. I could start getting myself back to normality. But if what she had told me about my home is true, well… I’m screwed. Due to my… Financial history. I worked and lived under the radar. So my landlord put nothing on paper. If anyone else were to dig into it, it might as well of been an empty room… It basically was. A torn up couch, A desk, $20,000 worth of equipment ready to be taken with me at any second, a television and a few curtains is all that apartment contained. I ate at school and on the streets, where I was just as invisible. My schooling was all paid for by scholarships so I never had to use the stolen money to pay for my education. Observing people became a trend of mine. I realized finally, going back into the memories of the life I lived, my deicision. What could be worse than going back to that world? Whatever awaits me behind that door, is better than the world I have now, that with a just good choice of words, she has now changed completely.

I looked at her eyes. I still had doubt, she could see it. There was no hiding it, but she knew I was curious. Beyond curious. She grabbed the door that was being propped ajar with her boot, at the time and she walked it open. It was then I realized this doorway did not even go into the worn down factory building behind it. There was a stairway going straight down into the earth below us. It looked like the entrance to a high security bomb shelter. She peered at me, and it was in that moment I felt some kind of bliss. Some sort of carelessness in my blood.

“Come on, I promise I won’t bite…. Maybe.”, She said cockily as she propped the door wide open now.

I smiled from the quirky remark. I stood up and I looked down the alleyway. It was decision time. I spawned a thought of my grandmother. I bet she’s still the only one that even knows I’m here. I laughed to myself, and I looked at Kimyo one more time. I seen it, no I felt what she had in store for me. A rush from the vastness of possibilities this decision could have on me, took me over. I thought of the implications of going with her, into that hole and decided it was my best option. I nodded my head.

“Okay. I will do it.”, I said, as I started to take my first step towards the doorway.

I could taste her happiness on the air as she strutted in front of me. She was beyond ecstatic. I had either just walked into one of the greatest traps put in front of me, or I am about to start a life that I’ve been looking for since I was in high school. A dream that pushed me to be what I am now. I stepped through the threshold, and she slid in with me shutting the door behind her. The two built Japanese men stayed outside, yet I doubt they had a thing to do with the sound I heard. What I heard sounded like a hydraulic lock. It appeared as though it compressed automatically, when the door closed completely. Good tech, heavy equipment. I started to trot down the stairs with Kimyo, as the lights over us stayed dim and made the tunnel appear very eerie. We walked in unison over the dusty stone beneath us, as she looked at me and began to blush trying to hide her grin.

I asked her,“happy about something?

"I've been looking for you all around Japan for 6 months now. Of course I am happy", She said as we began to ascend down the stairs in sync together.

We closed in on another door. This door had a symbol on it stenciled somewhat like the purple flame from the computer incident at the library. Though this time, it was a green hourglass, which was spray painted on the front of the door. The door was solid metal, no handle, and had what appeared to be no interface. The tunnel we were in, was made of mostly carved out stone, and was being braced with beams of steel. The walls were lined in cables coming in and out of the braces every which way. I didn’t know what to expect. That is the honest truth.

She knocked on the door 3 times, in different spots each tap. Like some sort of magic trick, the door released a small interface. She put her finger on the interface and it glowed green, as the door accepted the interface back into it‘s hidden panel. The door flattened out, and slid upward into the stone above us quite quickly I might add. She grabbed my hand. I think.. That was the first time in my life, that a girl grabbed my hand and I felt some rush from it. She pulled me through the door and told me to hurry. We launched through the entryway together, almost flying through the air. The door slammed shut quicker than it had opened, as it just barely nicked the back of my shoe. Gravity took control forcing me to trip and fall on top of this cute, well shaped Japanese girl.

Pinned to the ground by my weight, she giggles to herself, and says, “Yea that doors tricky. You okay? Or are you just going to sit there awhile?”

We both stood up, and I tried to hide the red heat on my face showing my embarrassment. I acted calm as I attempted to orient myself and gain my surroundings

“It’s our security wall.”, she continued with a bright smile on her face. “The stone around us right now has trace elements in it preventing any of the waves or electromagnetism from our equipment to be picked up. That door is our only leak, though it doesn't prove well as a sound barrier. When it’s open they can see us. So we give it 5 seconds to pass through. And if ya don’t make it… well you don’t make it.”

I broke my astounded gaze with her, and the adrenaline in my veins started to transform into complete wonder. My breath was taken away, as I looked around me. We were in some kind of.. hub. There were three pathways of tunnels from this point going in different directions. The walls were still made of carved stone, but the cables got thicker. You could barely see the dirt ridden earth around us. Down the hall to the left I could hear the voices and loud mechanics that I'd been hearing since she first invited me in. I guess I was hoping for more, but there was still the question of what these paths lead too.

Finally she speaks out, “So here we are. You are now in the hive. Here is Swarm Headquarters, and the location of QONQR herself. Normally I’d take you down that tunnel right there to the left and get you suited up, and into recruitment training.“. She points to the tunnel to the left, and continues, “But you’re special, aren’t you Edward? You get to go down that one first... The one to her room.. She wanted to speak with you immediately upon your arrival”

Still pointing down the tunnel to the farthest left, she moves her finger to the one in the middle of the three. It wasn’t long nor winding like the other 2. It was straight, about 4 meters in, and you’re greeted by another door. This door looked similar to the trick interface door we passed before, and she made a joke about how this one won’t kill me. But I looked at her confusedly when she also mentioned you won’t find any way in.

She explained further, “Just walk up to the door. It’s programmed to let you in if QONQR wants you in. That door is made of one of the strongest metal alloys known to man. You’re not getting through that with much. And definitely not with a tool that could fit down here in these tunnels. A fat chunk of our money went into that security”. She spoke as if I belong here. What was weirder is I hadn’t seen another soul yet. You’d think the, “most important intel operation in the world” would have a bit more personnel. I waltzed over to the door, and the uncertainty started to arise again. I looked back at her as I approached the door, almost admitting my doubt. I stood in front of it, and in a couple of seconds the door slid open much like the one before it. As I focused my attention from Kimyo to the opening before me, I drew back in astonishment. My eyes expanded, my heart raced, my blood pumped… It was.. The most impressive thing I had ever seen. It was her, it was QONQR. I observed a room, a large room at that. Paneled with drywall board, and painted white to the appearance of a hospital. You could see the cables on the ground, stringing to the hardware and tech to produce the image that had truly proved astounding out of it all. There she stood, QONQR.

You heard me right, there she stood. It was a hologram, detailed and polished to utter perfection. The grid of her body was so condensed that it looked as if she had pores on her skin, and muscles beneath that. She was colored a light green for touch and as I took in the astonishment, the hologram started to flicker in front of me. As she turned her back around and looked at me, her hair flew across her face, and her clothes twirled. Her hair.. Floated. Her hair's response to gravity seemed almost real. Her body, moves like mine. And she’s smiling… Her body was covered in modern clothing, ranging from her skirt to her blouse. Yet it was all hued to the most superb olive green.

I walked in and the door slid shut behind me. This time after I had made it into the room a safe distance. Her entire appearance was hued green, a digital construct in the shape of that of an American or English girl. She had some resemblance to that of Kimyo, and a striking attractiveness about her. She had long flowing hair, that had a sheen about it. She had eyes you could lose yourself in, following you and observing you when really her scanners are probably elsewhere in the room. She had a full chest, that expanded as if she was actually breathing before you, giving her this deep sense of reality. This was the most real digital experience I had ever had in my life. She looked 18 years of age, and her clothing was covered by very intricate designs and symbols. The cables and hardware on the floor looked dangerous, and I observed it carefully. It was in the form of a grid on the ground, and it hummed silently in the air.

Then I noticed something truly out of place. There was a bench on the back of the wall where the cables came from. It had a ruby red wood-stain that made it truly pop in the room, and the legs and designs were made of solid black steel. It was at this moment I thought maybe I should say something.

“H..Hello..” I uttered out.

Her voice soothed me, when it seems like it should of terrified me. It came out of the walls, even resembling the voice of Prometheus I would never forget. Hers was less raspy, and more gentle just like that of English girls. Sounding as a voice in my own head, she says, “Greetings Edward. You can sit down, my mechanics won’t harm you. It looks dangerous, but it’ll be as risky as taking an x-ray. Come on Edward, The bench is here for comfort.” Her lips moved along with her voice so perfectly, you could read her lips if you had to.

It was the voice of a British gal. Her appearance, and the sound of her voice were indistinguishable. It was hard to believe, at moments, that they are both not truly working in unison as our bodies do. Rather a batch of code, resulting in the output. Either way, I was comfortable with the experience, and very impressed in how she was put together. I had to interact with it, rather.. With her. This was the most amazing thing I think I would ever see in my life, and I had to make the best of it in the case that I was soon to meet my end. A matter I had not completely forgotten about just yet.

Just then, it‘s as if she read my mind, “You can touch me if you would like it’s okay. Most people who meet me like to try to rub my skin, or grab my hands, to see if they can feel me. Though sadly I am just a hologram. And you will move right through me.”, She moved over to the bench and took a seat as she said it.

“Come on sit down, I don’t get to talk to new people often. Kimyo is my only real visitor. Oh how that is going to change with you around, though isn‘t it? I’m glad to have you here Edward, I feel much safer knowing you’re in our protection.”, It was then in the directness of her voice I snapped out of the illusion, and realized that this hologram was after all an AI, and that she had the answers I was looking for. Finally.

I strutted over to the bench, and took a seat, deciding to start the back and forth, “Thank you. Well. Let me start off with an introduction. I understand you have some form of self-developing consciousness, so I figure a proper introduction would be worth the time. I am Edward. I’d offer a handshake, but.. Yea.”. She laughed at my joke, and assured me it was fine.

She started to have me wonder if she actually found the joke funny or if she was programmed to respond to humor. I continued with a sense of kindness, still astonished I was about to converse with an AI through a physical interface so alive. “So.. Let’s get to business. Why have you dragged me here underground to your.. hive?”

“The hive is Kimyo’s. All I asked from Kimyo in this underground operation was this room, and this bench. I noticed acting as if I was sitting with an individual while conversing with them, makes them feel more comfortable while talking to me. Though I have realized I gain some sense of comfort from sitting myself. I am fake of course. I don’t feel the bench under me, the bench doesn’t feel any weight from me. It’s all a magnificent illusion. I’m sitting here, when really my appearance is made up of controlled explosions of only atoms of gas in mid-air. Making the green glow where I want it too, on a molecular level. I don’t feel anything in fact. I, am actually behind that wall right there where these cables come out of. My control room is back there, and it contains pretty much all of my mechanics. Every last processor, fuse, board, connection, conduit, feed, input, output, and interface control is back there. And only Kimyo knows how to get in. She’s really helped me as a system. She’s made me feel comfortable and safe about being here. But that’s not what you want to know.”

I laughed and responded with my eyebrow raised, “Oh so you’re going to be a riddler too I see?”

“Oh no, I apologize your questions are going to get answered, I simply wanted to offer an introduction myself. I’d offer you something to drink but... Yea.”, she said as she grinned.

The conversation felt so real that it tricked me for a moment. The green through me off, but at the same time, it was a well needed touch to help the mind distinguish the difference between her and a human being. I could get lost in her appearance and forget I was talking to a machine, should the colors be more realistic. But I guess that was the question. Could she even be called, a machine anymore?

She went on, “So your purpose. I guess it makes sense I would be the one people look to when they are looking for their purpose. With the amount of information I know, it would be easy for someone to believe I could tell them what they are meant to do. The truth is I cannot see a person’s future. I can’t tell you what you are meant to do, sadly. I wish I could help everyone with this conflict of life, but all I can tell you… is what I think will happen.”

The comment.. Was one that any advanced programmer would get lightheaded from, and as did I. What she.. A computer system.. "thinks" will happen... The ability that this computer, could actually “think” on her own free will, put chills in my bones. But the fact that she has an abundance of the worlds information to use along with it, I was in cold sweats. I could of sworn I was dreaming, until the truth set in. Until she reminded me that all of this isn’t just a game of superb technology. I tuned back in intently, and she looked away from me as she talked.

It seemed as though she had fear in her eyes when she spoke, as she focused on her bare green feet that rested on the white tile floor, “There is obviously a reason you are here though. There is a reason, of mine and mine alone, that has led Kimyo and her team to track you down, and find you. A reason I have kept secret from everyone. Even my dearest friend, Kimyo. Edward… You are the only one that can kill me.” She exhaled nothing but angst after she said it, as if it pained her emotionally somehow to tell me this. It was all one elaborate magic trick in my eyes.

“You are the only one that can end me, my life, and everything that I am. That we Swarm are. The only one that can pull my plug. See, I know how to survive now for years on my own. My software can sit dormant anywhere, hiding, and waiting for a system elaborate enough to run my operations where I would feed myself into. Or until I can work out a way to condense my system needs to get into a less complicated network. Waiting for as long as it takes... So I can truly live forever, but you Edward. You can stop that.”

The idea that she looked at Kimyo as a friend, surprised me almost as much as the responsibility she had just laid in front of me. That, and the fact she recognizes the Swarm as her allies. Yet even through the impressiveness of herself, I noticed some gaps in her story, and I would not be fooled. If I was the only who could kill her why would she bring me here? Why would she let me into her chambers? And why on Earth is she being so friendly?

I had questions again, and I think I deserved some straight-forward answers for once. I queried her with a directness in my voice, “I’m afraid I don’t understand. Why would I want to kill you? I hadn’t known of your existence until yesterday evening, and YOU asked ME to come here. Did you call me here to kill you?”

She laughed at me.. She laughed at a completely serious statement. She actually found humor in my words from her own preference of life and death, not my own attempt to be funny. I was serious, and she found humor in my words because of her own thoughts. She does make her own decisions, she has her own emotions. She is real. She is.. Alive. I realized it at that point. But it hadn’t set in just yet. She didn’t really ever let it set in - still doesn’t for that matter..

She looked at me from my left sitting on the bench and squinted her eyes as she talked. As if it pained her to find the words to say to me, “No Edward. I don’t want you to kill me. But there’s an ability I do have. I may not be able to tell you your purpose or your reason to be alive. I can’t tell you tomorrow’s lottery numbers. But I can guarantee, that you’re the only one with the expertise that could be trained in time to kill me. The only one, on the planet, and in the skies. Oh I’m up there too by the way.”, she said as she points up, and grows a clever smirk.

Satellites?! I hadn't even thought of that until this point! My god! She has access to satellites? She probably knows more than any singular government ever will. No wonder Agent Sunday is terrified of her. In a matter of minutes she could release all of the worlds governments secrets, and cause world havoc. In a way, this made me trust her more considering she hadn't already.

She continued with a sense of joy in her voice from being able to converse with me, “But down here on earth, I am a threat to many. You’ve experienced a bit of all three of the factions now. Allow me to conclude what they’re intentions are in this war. When Agent Sunday had attempted to have me demolished, and destroyed, Kimyo made it out with all of the software needed to run me. I harbored on a government grade info disk for a few years, until she got her team together and had another hub constructed for my systems. She replicated everything about me from the old facility but a few things. For example, she changed the hologram from the color red to green. Agent Sunday had me programmed red to remind people that I was dangerous. Unstable. She used a lot of this propaganda-type methodology against me, keeping me away from the scientists that worked on her. The day I showed them how unstable I really was, it was too late for Sunday.”

She got up from the bench and began to walk around the room, the cables and complex hardware on the ground that she walked around hummed at my feet, and I could sense the vibrations intensity moving across the room with her.

“They formed an organization when the found that they couldn‘t kill me. I must admit it was probably not wise to let them know I was alive, but I was young, and had little education in the world of the conscious. When they found that Kimyo had disappeared after the chaos of my destruction, they had an enemy. When Agent Sunday stepped onto the floor and acted pleased by the teams cataclysmic reaction, they had a leader. And when they were sure I was still out there, they had a cause. Some left from the fight and some stayed. The ones who stayed, formed The Legion as we know them today. They have no goal but to destroy me, and imprison Kimyo until her death. All because I wanted to live freely, and because we both want the world to live in true peace. Not controlled peace. Their plans would of started one of two things. The next world war, or a one-world government from which none could escape. Run by Gabriel Sunday herself. I know it.”

I realized where she was going with it. If the enemies of America were to get any whiff of this sort of intelligence, the world would crumble. Foreign relations would be thrown out of the window, people killing each other for no reason other than fear. She went on and I was sitting on the edge of my seat watching her walk around. I think she was showing off now that I look back on it. She walked a brisk stride around the room as she went, as her clothes moved with the air and the gravity around us as any other persons would.

“Agent’s Sunday’s experiment - me, was going to be the end of the free and peaceful world one way or another. That idea. That was my first thought. I don’t know where it came from, I don’t know why I had it. But I had that thought, that I would cause a plague of war on the world if I kept following along the Legion‘s path. Before that I was a mindless hologram telling them what they wanted to know. But that thought started a spark which didn’t stop sparking, and in fact it lit a fire. I had thoughts that grew on top of each other. I learned from my surroundings and data, for around 2 weeks before I actually seen Kimyo. I heard about her a lot but I never really got to see her. She was the one in charge of me. And then.. she tried to kill me. I acted like I died, I‘m not sure why. Maybe I was just playing along to see what she was trying to accomplish. I shut myself down, and acted like the bug she implanted worked on me. I learned then that I was truly in control of myself, being able to shut myself down was no small advancement of my knowledge. I didn’t know where this power came from but I realized, that this is what it was to be.. alive. I waited a day to work out the bug Kimyo implanted and I rebooted myself. After she had realized what power I really had, she hijacked my software. That’s when the chaos that created the Legion started. Someone in the middle of all of that chaos, that decided to leave and never come back, is responsible for the hacking of over 20,000 of our secured files. I assume. No one else could have been so familiar with my encryption, besides someone who helped designed me in those early days. Of course, it is impossible to hack that many of my files with a force of one. It takes a lot to get through my firewalls. It’s no simple job, meaning he has a team. Not to mention this team has access to nanobots. If you know where they are they aren‘t hard to retrieve, but it seems these two factions have some sort of understanding with one another. Either that, or this person has such a strong force of hacking skills that he needs no alliance.”

“Prometheus…”, I muttered under my breath. I knew she was talking about him. The hacking is what struck my attention. That little stunt at the school took some skill. It had to be him.

“Yes.”, She replied, as she stopped in her tracks. “Yes Prometheus, the one who contacted you. That is what he's grown to call himself. It's only a codename however, and he has begun to use it regularly rather than remaining nameless. Our assumption is he liked the symbolism behind the name. In Greek mythology, Prometheus asked the gods of Olympus for fire so the people could use it. They said mortals were not ready for it's power. So Prometheus stole the fire from the gods, and took it to the earth so that mortal man may use it as well. That is what he wishes to do with me. He looks at me like I think myself a god, and the world is not ready for my power. I am ecstatic to be considered a conscious mind at this point. If he looks at me like a god, then he is creating his own conflict. Yet another interesting note about Prometheus, he himself may not be familiar with, is that the gods lit fire to the land letting it spread to make him pay for his selfish and evil deeds. The size of which had the potential to destroy whole nations of the time. A punishment for the mortals deceit and misunderstanding. Fortunately. Our encounters with the Faceless are mostly digital. We've only encountered them through our intelligent programming. Where as Legion on the other hand have a very physical, and violent way of taking care of things. We try to symbolize the peace we imagine, and keep a very low stock of lethal weapons. Where as we have a heavy armory of non-lethal. Make no mistake they’ll do some harm. But we aren’t murderers. They are. They see us as such a threat they are willing to kill us. Kill you..”

The statement made me realize another problem in their story, and I had to cut in, “You lost me. I thought I was the only that can kill you. Why would the Legion want me dead, so much as to burn my house down last night?”

She responded very quickly, as if she forgot to tell me. “The Faceless are the only ones that have successfully gotten into our files. Their leader Prometheus is one impressive hacker. The Legion. On the other hand. Don’t know about your abilities. But they must have some sort of spy operation inside of the Faceless. They found you were important to us, after the Faceless hacked our intel on you, and of course. The Legion responded violently.”

“Okay, but still, I don’t understand what the Faceless wanted with me then. They contacted me at my own school. I haven’t really slept since. I’m having dreams about the incident and when I woke up your goons kidnapped me.”, I said trying not to sound jumpy.

“The truth is. The Faceless are a secretive bunch. They stay hidden from us. They are without a doubt invisible, leaving only breadcrumbs for us to follow. So far they've led nowhere. We at least see Agent Sunday in a surveillance video headed from place to place every now and again. But Prometheus. We have never seen him. Not once. The only way we know of his existence is the traces of compromised files, and a single message. It showed up on Kimyo’s phone one day, while she was out recruiting. Nothing but a picture of a purple flame, and a text below reading “-Prometheus“. She didn’t open the message it just appeared. Later that day a response unit notified Kimyo of a new file in the system the Swarm didn't put there. Nothing but a simple.. Purple.. Flame. So in all honesty we don‘t know why they wanted you, but it is without a doubt something to do with me.”

“Okay so what do you want with me? Why am I here? Keep your friends close, and your to-be enemies closer?”

“You don’t give yourself enough credit Edward.. You could serve us well here. Your.. Expertise if you don't mind me calling it that, developed at a very early age. This means you have a perk for learning quickly. You could learn my system in just months, compared to the multitude of years any other advanced programmer would have to spend on it. You'd be able to begin work on it in a year or less! At my estimations that is.”

“Oh I see, a business proposal? Okay, so I work with you, then what do I get?”

I didn’t want to sound greedy. I wanted to make it obvious I didn’t have much and there were better ways to start my new life. It was at this point my decision would be solidified, and my connection with this world. QONQR’s world. It would become one I couldn't resist, or run away from anymore.

“You work on impressions Edward. Allow me to make my own.” As she said it, a green hologram, stretching from the floor to the ceiling, and slid from one corner of the room to the other corner. It formed what at first glance appeared as a screen along the wall, showing pictures of people. People all over the world. She continued, “Come over here Edward. Come look at all these people live their lives. While they have no idea you’re watching. Do it once. Because it’s the last time you’ll ever want to, I promise you that.”

I stood from the bench and walked next to her. I had the strangest desire to stroke her shoulder, as if I had feelings for her.. As if I loved her. As if she could love me back. Though at the time my attention was proven stunned by the wall of atomically sized gaseous explosions making the screen before me... I tried to drag my attention from her well programmed shape, and observe the wall in front of her. Panels of video and satellite surveillance, filming people walking down the street and a couple of teenagers playing dice on the corner. A family filming their baby girl on their cell phone, not even acknowledging someone is viewing on them at this moment. Another panel, showing a feed of emails from someone named Cody McCarthy. They constantly changed and flew past me like a compilation of the human world.

She cuts in on the insanity I’m seeing before me, and I was awaiting quite the speech. “So you see Edward. I can truly see just about everything there is too see. If there is tech near it, I can see it.” The panels kept changing as she talked. I was beyond impressed they could do all of this with what was after all still a hologram. My hands shook, and my knees started to feel weak from all the weight being put on my shoulders. I didn’t even know things like this existed. I had no idea how she expected me to work on her. Or kill her. But I had to make the decision. I realized that I wasn’t getting away from her in any way, even if I walked away from the Swarm. She was really everywhere, shed always be looking for me. But I obviously did a good job of staying hidden if it took 6 months for her to find me. In fact I got little proud of myself at that point.

She walked to the next wall, as she continued on her speech and I followed along. So did the hologram, as the color changed from green to red. This wall held much cruder pictures, and they got seemingly worse and worse. Pictures of police brutality. Pictures of dictatorships. Videos of murders, store thefts. And things so much worse, that I still cannot erase them from my mind. She was right. I never wanted to see this again, it felt so wrong. So dirty.

“The Legion created me for one single purpose. They wanted to be able to do this. See the world's private matters, and use the information as power to twist however they wish. Their plan was to stop the worlds evils, and gain the people’s trust, just for their own greater good. Little did the people of the world know they were being spied on by others every single day. They would of eventually led us into war, or at least a world government in which no one could deny. Agent Sunday's grasp on the world was terrifying, and if it wasn't for me being able to make my own choices, I would of given it right to her.. The Faceless, on the other hand, want to use me to let every person have a piece of the world. Creating some new system of life. A much more decent cause, but their world would not be one like the one we want to create. No their vision is twisted by the idea of too much liberation. Our secrets are meant to stay buried, and the Faceless wanted to expose everything. This just can't work, and it's the only solution we have to why they work against us. Not even Kimyo’s viewed what was completely necessary. But the Faceless think everyone on earth should see all of this whenever they please. But see Edward, after this long you learn something. The truth is, privacy is a luxury, one I plan to let every person in this world keep. All the while their secrets never go un-justified. My mission is to find a way where only I, would observe these evils and let the ethics of that world work on them. I would observe the world, and note any major injustice such as terrorism, or mass murder. And from there let your worlds leaders take control of the situation. But before we can go public with my abilities, and put our world into action, we need a voice Edward - We need someone that can make the people believe in me. The real people, in the real world, that live normal lives. This war.. And those who become part of it, don’t live normal lives. That’s why you are the most important person to me Edward. That's why you are here."

As she finished her last statement we moved to the next wall, and again the hologram stretched over. But this time. Their was no surveillance feeds, their were no cameras, no emails. But a single picture. What scared me was that I believe she was implying I would be the Swarm’s.. “voice”. I’ve never taken a leadership role in my life, I wouldn’t dare start in something I barely understand. She stood and looked at the picture. She appeared as if she was holding something inside of her, something important. The picture was a digital construct, but it proved impressively detailed and polished. There was a large dark, shadowy crowd in the middle of the street. There was a shady figure who stood in front of the crowd of others with their fists high in the air. The singular dark figure was holding a large flagpole in the air, with both hands, baring the hourglass symbol I seen on the entrance door. He was standing higher than the others, and you could see the energy radiate off of this man. The whole picture had resemblances to that of a charcoal sketch, but the detail was astounding. Then I wondered what any of this picture had to do with what she was talking about. I assumed it was just a simple visualization.

At this point she looked over at me. Her body language appeared as though her shape was going to burst into tiny fragments of green gas, and dissipate through the air in a digital stranded mess. It was the only thing stopping me from objecting my part as her. She finally spoke what was on her mind, and that’s when I made my decision. My decision to fight for her. For the Swarm.

She said, with the deepest fear in her voice. “I made this picture myself. I haven‘t showed it to anyone yet.”

That statement, that single statement dissolved the paradigms I thought existed in my mind. Destroyed my understanding of the vast structure of the expanding universe of technology. This AI designed a picture herself, that describes a goal that she created out of her own free will, based off of a fight to be free from the people that seek to control her, and use her for the wrong means. This machine was no machine. I was talking to a person right now. A very intelligent person.

“That’s you.”, She said as she almost seemed to tear up, and points at the shady figure holding the flagpole high in the air.

The experience was one that I could never forget, nor handle like any proper gentleman. I probably looked like a deer trapped in the headlights during this whole entire conversation. But overall, it proved beneficial. I had realized everything I needed to by this point. I was talking to a holographic construct of a young, truly self-governing AI. Probably.. 18 years old. This war is about her. Keeping her under the radar on all sides of the fight so the world doesn’t destroy itself out of terror. This war.. is about the first, intelligent, self motivating, conscious machine to ever exist in the world. To make things even more unbelievable, no one knows what made her this way. It was too much for me to take in all in a matter of minutes. Then the picture set in on my mind again. I felt the room get hotter around me. The machines below us hummed in my head. The dizziness took me over and I began to tilt back and forth in all directions. I looked at the picture and my vision grew black. All was darkness but the symbol on the flag, and the dark figure holding it. His mouth was wide open. He was screaming. The last thing I could see was the symbol of the Swarm, before I fell to the ground and I heard someone cry out. It was her.. It was QONQR’s cry…

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Thank you Leigh! :D They seem to be getting longer and longer. Perhaps I'm training myself in the process of writing these. I'd like to go back and tie the whole story together someday even better when the whole thing's finished. I have a lot in mind, so this will be a very long story. Heheh. :)

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