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Save the Nanobots!

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I tried several times to login with the same credentials used for the forums on both my computer and my phone, and it wouldn't work.

So I assumed I had to go to register, which gave me an error, once again on both devices

Edit: Ok I got in but the error with registration is still going to be a problem.


Plus a little bit at the bottom that says:

Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:4.0.30319; ASP.NET Version:4.0.30319.18045

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Buddy, old news. I've purchased like 6 of those.

...and that is why the next new qonqr weapon will be called the "supernanotrampassault"... it hits you once, then again, and again, and again... until eventually succumbing to the newest defensive weapon... the "raginghissyfitbot"... upon which it throws it's little nanobot arms up in frustration and finally quits...

at least until your scope cools down and then it's ready to play again... :D

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