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QONQR assuming control

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So, to entertain myself, whenever I find weird player behavior in game, I like to pretend it's QONQR assuming control of that player's scope. Sometimes, it just seems to be the best explanation.


For example:

A level 100 player who has been around 4 months only deploys in the same zone. That player only uses ZA and nothing else. We're talking over 1,000,000 zone assault bots. Never once attacks the zones beside it, never once deploys anything else. They never upgrade their scope anymore.

Another level 100 player who has been around 3 months only deploys in the same 10 zones across a 35 mile span, using only plasma beam to clear, and seekers to defend, regardless of what is in the zone, how many times it has been taken back, or how weak the zones beside it are. This player used to use other attacks, but has now completely changed their MO. They never upgrade their scope anymore.

A player who has disappeared for months, shows up, gains control of a zone and vanishes after the zone is taken. Then repeats a month later. Over 1,000 captures, no zone leads.

A player quits by changing faction to blow up all their bots.

A player sends me blank messages.

A player uses plasma beam to clear a zone and nobody tries to take it.

While in an active battle, get comm channels jammed message, and all my bots are destroyed in a second.

Players that appear to be cheating/multiscoping and everything looks ok to support? I pretend it's QONQR. For example, a group of 4 players. 2 are active and ranked, other 2 only become active to defend those 2 players and you can't ever surprise them in any zone? It's QONQR.

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I agree there's some weird stuff that goes on that could only be explained by an AI infiltrating peoples thought processes and causing these anomalies.

I've recently been wondering about alien abduction but maybe Qonqr has 'lost the keys' for some of its supporters. Hmm

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'Lets face it' (pun) The legion is probably right with movies like iRobot and Terminator and the only reason they haven't released Qonqr on android is because it's real and android doesn't have the software to protect itself from Qonqr yet. If some how Qonqr could get control of android before they have a firewall then it could mean the end of the world as we know it.

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