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Decency..it's not just for outside the game.

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Mass-ew-nay...say it with me...Mass-ew-nay...rolls off the tongue like a velvet dream! I believe saying my name is a form of verbal relaxation. I don't nano out of malice...I simply want others to experience the serenity of saying my name out loud. I can't help it if the most direct way to spread the joy is via bombardment. Just know that if you see my name in one of your zones...it's likely because I think you need a little relaxation.

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Well, with help from our local legion, we demolished the punk. He switched to faceless and sent us all hate mail loaded with profanity. Class act, killking. Oh, oops! Probably shouldn't have said his name... I'd post screen caps of the messages, but I don't want to offend anyone.

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