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I am. We are. Legion! (new in Seattle)

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Welcome! Note that right now Legion and Faceless are in truce (we've been renewing it once a month) to help tidy up all the Swarm residue in the city. Note that Swarm or Faceless might try to recruit you away from Legion since Legion is so underrepresented in Seattle, but I'd encourage you to stick it out for at least a while. I just went through Connecticut, which is pretty much a single-faction wasteland, and I was glad to be back home with a good dynamic battle scene.

By now, I'm assuming that you've already contacted the main Legion honchos so you cat get better coordinated. Looking forward to working with you!

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Welcome. Make sure to switch to Faceless soon because I get tired of upholding that truce... Haha just kidding we are a bunch of psychopaths anyway only the strongest people can stand us and we irritate the heck out of Swarm people so make sure to NEVER switch to Swarm okay? (Obviously I'm suffering from sleep deprivation. Happens when you go on night raids.)

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