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Helping out Allies in areas controlled by other Fractions

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Hey Guys

Some of you may know the following problem: you start playing the game and your area is full of members of the other fractions. So even on level 100 you actually can't get any zones because you're massively outgunned. This results in a lack of credits in compare to your enemys.

So i was wondering if it is allowed to support other players, by creating bases for them with the own scope. Sort of like I create (and keep save) 10 bases for you and in return you give me 5 cubes for each. And since it's not possible to log in with several accounts without a 24 hour break in between, it also wouldn't be "overpowered" , actually it would be kind of a risk for the one that helps out (24h no deployments).

So instead of buying cubes to spend on gunpower which wouldn't last forever and eventually result in frustration, you can achieve a little step forward by cooperating with players around the globe. This would perhaps also help to create some sort of global teamplay, because these "savevault-bases" would be a interesting target for the entire fractions.

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Your presentation isn't very well put forward. Plus it opens up people to abuse I believe...

Just make some friends in another country or area that is controlled by your faction, have them download qonqr and do it for you. Or better yet ROAD TRIP!!! :D

That's what I did, hence all my bases being in a few different countries and multiple states. I think I have like maybe one local base somewhere maybe.

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Hey! Thanks for your answers. I was just wondering what your thoughts were about it. I myselfe solved the problem by recruting a lot of friends. But i often get the impression that other players

a) Don't want/or can recruit other player

b )Can't find players that are willing to help with missiles because there are to much enemies anyway so its just a waist...

c) Don't want to play with other players

and this leads to them quitting.

Thats why i started offering help to any new swarm member i spot in my country... But I don't think my local enemies do that.... so there should be a way to help out players other than with missiles... maybe qonqr itselfe by supporting the underdog?

@slipstream: yea roadtrip is a good point, but keep in mind that a lot of players won't spend hours to get bases in the beginning of the game. They first want to know if they like the game. So if they start and find themselfe in an dominated area, it could be really frustrating. So perhaps 1 out of 5 players will travel to a friendly zone to create bases, but these bases will most likely not be well protected and change fraction a few days later -> all the effort for nothing...

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There are some advantages to being in enemy controlled territory:

1) 10,000,000 bot kills. When you're new, attacking is essential to leveling up. All those zones mean free kills. You don't have anything to lose, yet. In the meantime, you're going to rack up some quick kills, just choose your targets wisely.

2) You get better at the game, skill wise, faster.

3) Faction members love a player in enemy territory who reach out to them.

Helping out your friends by cheating, is no bueno. You're also opening yourself to risk by sharing login info. If somebody steals your account with 50 qubes on it, what are you going to do? Tell support? Banned.

Devil's advocate for switching:

1) You're going to harvest faster, which means upgrading faster, which means ownage. You're also going to rise up on the leaderboards faster.

2) Just because there are no enemies locally, doesn't mean you won't get kills. You have 20 miles to use all your possible attacks. 25 miles to use all your defense. 400 miles to send missiles and let defending be someone else's problem. If at any point you leave your house, you have boosted your range.

3) Faction members love a local player. Reach out and they'll show you the ropes. Also get you into epic long range battles which are harder to join if you're in enemy territory and can't harvest fully it have to attack and defend locally.

4) Devs have opened the door for switching before level 100 without a penalty.

As for recruiting, it is hard, but there all kinds of ways to do it:

1) Talk to friends and family.

2) Social media - aren't there like 1,000 outlets for this?

3) Gaming sites, games, etc.

It may take a little more effort, but that adds challenge to the game. Just don't cheat.

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Hey thanks for this post! :)

I'm actually not sure if it's cheating, thaty why I actually started this post (i red the new terms of agreement of facebook ;) ) Its just you're not using multiple scopes, just the one and you own no multiple accounts -> one account per person and last your not "launching" for someone else so it seems to be legal... anyway i wouldn't advice to do it because your scope would be useless for 24 houres, but just in theorie it seems to be allowed... or not? i was curious...

jea free kills! i got a lot of them when i started! :D

but you actually don't level up faster... it doesn't matter if you kill enemys or just launch in your hometown... each formation gives a certain amount of XP (with a 24 houre ticker) and thats it... i usually advice new players to deply zone assault as much as possible...

But in the end i don't have to care... we're perfectly organized here... i'm just worried about new players spawning our area... with the current conditions, they are going to have a hard time... and it's also a lot harder to get organized in Europe, were you have a lot of small countries each speaking different languages... personally for me -> this callenge is one of the best aspects of this game! I love it! But a lot of other players might just need a little brighter light at the end of the tunnel so they don't quit early...

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