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Are you kidding me?

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New players will be cacking it because not only will they have to fight experienced players, but also unscrupulous multi account cheats too:-)

Nah.. Really I agree with Kittens, all out cheats are a minority, all out and effective cheats even less so. So all new guys/gals play nice and fight hard. OK?

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Yes we banned a larger number of people knowing that we would ban some legitimate players. This was the first time we felt we would likely ban legitimate players. We could tell multi-scoping was happening but couldn't isolate the cheaters. As banned people contacted us we re-enabled accounts for legitimate players. We also found some players who admitted that were multi-scoping, including one using all three of his kid's devices while at work during big ops.

Don't be mad that QONQR banned you for playing from the same IP address as cheaters. Be mad at your co-workers who got you banned for a few days.

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