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A tribute to Vilmosiv0

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A couple of days ago our strong and respected opponent Vilmosiv0 announced he had left The Netherlands to go home to Hungary. He was a real annoyance for multiple Legionnaires, but he always played fair and respectful. We have had many great battles and he left us a huge purple area.

Dutch Legionnaires thought it would be a great idea to carve his initial in the map of The Netherlands as a tribute. Zone distribution in the area (or beer consumption) made it a bit difficult to create a perfect V, but it's the idea that counts, right? So here is the result of an evening of sculpting of multiple Legionnaires. :)



Command Center:


CC zoomed out:


It will probably not take long before other Faceless operatives or Swarm operatives in the area will destroy this symbol, but for now it awaits the return of Vilmosiv0. -_-

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