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Server Update 8/23/2013 - Extended Web Portal Features

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Yesterday we released a server update. The update included many new changes that are hidden to the end user to address recent performance concerns, But it also included some new features for the web portal.


Switching Factions is now possible again through the web portal. Log in to the portal using your game credentials. Click your profile picture in the top right. Select "Switch Factions". You can stay on this screen which will auto refresh until your faction switching is complete. Your requests is placed in a queue to be processed. If the switching does not begin in 10-20 seconds, there is likely someone else being switched at the moment and you will need to wait. If switching doesn't complete withing 30-60 minutes, contact support@QONQR.com

You can now block a player from sending you messages. On the portal, click the "Q" in the top left corner. Search for the Player you wish to block. Once you find their profile, you can click the button under their profile picture to block them from sending you messages.

You can now updated your email address, birth date, and gender. These are all private fields that only QONQR can see. The birth date and gender are important for us because it helps us to understand who is our primary demographic, and tailor features to our core players. Being honest about your demographics helps us. If you are reluctant to use your actual birth date, we ask that you chose January 1 of your birth year. You can also enable and disable your public messages from this screen. By the way, the "old dudes" (30+) tend to be the most active QONQR gamers.

Email is especially important. When there is a problem in the game, it is helpful for us to have a way to contact you outside the game. When you report a problem with your account, having your email match the email on your account speeds up the time to resolve the issues because we know it is your account. We will not sell your address. Also, you should know that a lack of an email address is one of the things we look at when evaluation cheaters. Cheaters don't enter an email address.

We do our best to support both the desktop and mobile screens, but HTML5 is a no where near the utopia of ubiquitous interface creation that it was promised to be. Please forgive any strange issues with the UI. It is hard to catch everything before we release new web content.

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I will be pushing an update to the filter today. I was on Skype with the owner of the company last night and found the things to remove to allow words like "Email" and "Phone Number" and "Where do you live" and "Where are you" to go through. The filter is currently applying rules used to stop sexual predators on kid sites. The owner explained to be how to exclude those filter sets from the conversations. I've also changed the level from "high" to "severe" so more "bad words" should get through but not the really bad ones. (I assume)

We will keep tweaking it until we strike the right balance.

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