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Returing to the war

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A year has past since my eyes were open to the QONQR war, a year that has seen many changes across the world. Nations, States, Towns, Friends and even families have been torn apart by the mysteries that QONQR has brought around itself, We still have no idea what QONQR wants, What QONQR is or why QONQR is here. But for an entire year, people across the glob have fought for it's protection, it's destruction, it's control. I, personal, fought for QONQR's protection, under the banner of The Swarm, I helped protect QONQR against the destruction of The Legion and against the control of The Faceless. The only thing I couldn't protect was the rift that the strain of this war putting on my life, I lost colleges, friends even family.

After losing the one that meant the most to me, I denounced my affiliations with The Swarm and QONQR, I left my bases open for attack and allowed my enemies to grow stronger and my allies to fall. I hated the thought that, I was protecting something that probably could care any less if I had died trying to save it, I hated the thought that, it would probably let me die to save itself. I hated QONQR and I hated what it had done to the world, what it had done to everyone. Fighting endlessly for something we know next to nothing about!

7 months have passed since I've even looked at my scope, since the day I lost everything. 7 months and I didn't hear a word about QONQR or the war or the factions or the faction leaders, not even my allies. 7 months, then it happened.

As I was walking though a, what I believed to be a neutral zone, I noticed that I was being followed a strange looking male that appeared to be wearing a dark jacket with a white symbol on the front, thinking that I was seeing things I moved on my way, after all neutral zones were safe, or so I thought, as turned my back to figure I was meet two other, bigger and taller figures, with red masks on. That was short but sharp pain to the back of my head then, blackness...

I awoke sometime later, tied to a chair in the middle of a dark, damp room, I could feel some dry blood on the back of my neck brake apart as I moved my head around to look at my surroundings

“Ahh, you're finally awake” Came a voice from a speaker in the corner of the room “Do you know how long it took us to track you down, Spideyy10?”

“I don't go by that name any more” I managed to mummer over the drowsiness I was feeling, still possibly from the head wound “What do you want from me anyway?”

“We just want to have a look at you scope, See what your faction has been up to” Said the voice

“I haven't looked at my scope for a long time” I replied “It probably doesn't even work any more and I wouldn't let the likes of you use it!”

“Unfortunately, Spideyy10, you haven't a chose in the matter this was merely, a courtesy call, once we have the information we need, you will be disposed of”

Before I could reply, there was click, indicating the talker had left.

This went on for seemed like forever, I didn't give them any information and the kept me alive long enough to make sure that I would live for the next days interrogations, they kept trying, hours at a time, the last day I was told they were giving up on finding out anything from I was grateful, I'd finally get out of this ****, I'd finally be free of the pain I've been left to bare.

“You are very stubborn Spideyy10, I'll give you that, but as fun as it's been, we are giving up on you and moving on, this is end for you, Sargent First Class Spideyy10”

With that, I felt the coldness of gun barrel being pressed against my forehead, a wave of relief flew though me, I was ready, it was my time...

As I closed my eyes, I saw my scope on the table in the interrogation room light up like crazy and making all sorts of strange noises I have never heard before, with a blinding flash, the lights went out, the interrogator removed the gun in shock, I took my chances and stood up, the chair wasn't bolted to the ground as I had originally thought, with all the strength I could muster, I turned and jumped with the chair into the interrogator knocking him out. Using a knife I found in his pocket I was able to cut myself free of my binds, I grabbed his gun and my scope, which had over heated itself from it's odd display of light and sound, I placed it into my pocket and headed for the door, it was sealed by an electronic lock, “**** it, What am I meant to do now” at that moment my scope burnt the side of my leg as it went crazy again, there was another blinding light and the lock opened, I had no idea what was going and I had no time to find out, I had to get out of here and I had to do it now!

I check to see if there was anyone coming down the hallway, nothing, either they were still on their way or they haven't heard what's been going on. I made my way down to the other end of the hall way and came to stairs that were leading down 'Am I in a building?' I thought to myself, I continued down the stairs, being careful of any lingering guards that might be around, I could feel my scope, still burning, but now it was silent, I made way into an office, looking around I noticed that I was in fact inside a city building, which for a while has been controlled by The Legion. It was dark out, so I decided the easiest way to get out was to stick to the shadows and avoid any contact with the enemy as possible.

It took some time but I managed to sneak down 3 floors before I heard an alarm going off, I assumed they found the interrogator and that I was missing. Legion guards came running into the floor I was on, I watched the closely as I darted from cubical to cubical, I paused in one until there was only 2 left on my floor, over there radios I heard the voice of Agent Gabrielle Sunday “He must not make it out, capture him alive, but kill if necessary”

Getting out alive was my only concern, I waited for a few minutes until I noticed the guards patterns in their patrol of the floor. I grabbed a guard and held the knife I took from the interrogator to his throat and pressed hard to show I was serious about it, to my luck he stayed quite, I took his weapon and aimed it the other guard, he fell at almost the same moment I pulled the trigger, knocking the guard I was holding out with the **** of his gun, I walked over to other guard I shoot seconds ago, there was no blood, I looked again, there was black lump on the top of his head, they were carrying non-lethal weapons, taking that into consideration, I disassembled the interrogators gun, which had real rounds in it, I threw them away, feeling better about using the non-lethal rounds. I slowly made my way to the bottom level, being sure that I was not seen. When I finally made it to the bottom floor there was another radio message, they had found the guards I had knock out, with in seconds, blast doors where put up around every window and door, there was no in and no out.

A hand grabbed my from behind, spun me around and tightly gripped my throat “About **** time I found you” It was Agent Sunday, she was in the building the whole time.

“You, have caused a lot of trouble for me tonight, I should end right now”She continued “All I want is the information on you scope, the scope you don't even use any more, why won't you give it to us” She tightened her grip, making it even harder to breath

“I can't-” I gasped “It's not- Yours to have-”

“Well you certainly aren't using it, are you? Swarm Scum” I could feel my neck about to brake, then the burning sensation in my pocket started again, only this time, I felt it burning my skin, as if it was on fire, the light from my scope went pure white and gave a loud high pitched screech and let out what seemed to be an EMP. Agent Sunday released her grip as the light and sound was too much for her to bare, all the light went out and blast doors dropped imminently, I took my chance and ran for the front door.

“OPEN FIRE!!!” I heard from behind me “KILL HIM!!!”

With that I heard guns going off, these were the real deal, I made it out the door and as the blast doors went back up, I was hit in lower back by a stray bullet, I collapsed down the stairs, when I landed, I heard a familiar voice “Good thing we found you”

I woke up in a hospital bed days later, this time I was glad to find I was in a Swarm controlled zone, I laid in bed trying to get my head around everything that had happened, Then Dr. Nagumo walked into the room accompanied by Frost, “Good to see you awake Spideyy10” She started “QONQR clearly wants you to stick around”

“What do you mean?”I asked “I don't care about QONQR, it's done nothing for me!”

“I understand your pain, but if it wasn't for QONQR, you wouldn't be here right now”

“What are you trying to say?!”I asked more forcefully

“Well, we found a QONQR fragment in your scope, somehow it was about make your scope act a small EMP device”

“How did it even get into my scope? I haven't used it for months, surely you have noticed that!”

“Yes, I have noticed that Spideyy10” Kimyo paused for a moment “It's possible, that it found it way in the last time you used it, when-”

“I know when the last time I used it was...” I interrupted “But if the case, surely QONQR heard my curse it and the troubles it bring, surely after giving up on it, it would of giving up on me”

“Apparently not, QONQR still cares about, at least that fragment did, it completely fried out your scope, with out another device to move to, the fragment died with your scope, any attempt at trying to reactivate it have failed, it burnt right into your leg as well, take a look..”

Looking at my leg, I saw where my skin had been melted by the intense heat given off from my scope, could QONQR really have sacrificed a piece of itself to save me? After everything I had said about QONQR, it still wanted to help escape? After an apology to Dr. Nagumo, I was reinstated as member of The Swarm, I explained, though I still don't trust QONQR and I still hate it for the pain it has caused myself and countless others, I will continue to protect it as it protected me and I will go to any extreme to see that this is carried out, to see QONQR grow, to finally put an end to this war and give us the peace that everyone, rightfully deserves.

“I take it you're going to want to change your name?” Asked Frost, before he and Kimyo left

“Whys that?” I asked looking confused

“You are different person to the one who originally joined us a year ago, wouldn't you agree Dr. Nagumo?”

Kimyo looked over from Frost “Yes, after the events that have occurred, you seem, darker then you use to, the pain from what QONQR has put you though had killed the Spideyy10 we all knew”

“I don't care, call me what you will, I am only protecting QONQR to find out why it still want to protect me or die trying, I will not let anyone get in my way, if they do, I will end them without hesitation” I declared

“Hmm, watch your action Spideyy10” Kimyo took on a more serious tone “Once you start on a dark path, it becomes harder to see the light”

With that Dr. Nagumo and Frost walked out, as I laid there, thinking about how to make this war end.

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