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Funniest Zone Names

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I might think these are funny for a wrong reason, but it's really funny to look at the name of the zones and see how they are spelled. Because the system sometimes spells "ä" as "ae" and sometimes as "a" (same with "ö" being "oe" or "o")..

If you want to be more consistent, I can definitely say that "a" is a better choise. Using "ae" usually ends up with totally unpronounceable zones.

One good example is Väärälänperä => Vaeaeraelaenperae.

Another one (to give example for not using ä->ae):

Höyhtyä => Hoyhtya..

PS. I'll try to post the pics in here when I have them rezised. They are too large for the forum.


Also one zone that seems quite funny to me is the one in Iinatti (z2827503). That is because in QONQR the zone is called "Linatti". I guess it's because even a computer program thinks that "Iinatti" cannot possibly be a real name.




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In the middle of Sydney is a suburb (and zone) called Woolloomooloo (yep eight o's in there). Its waterfront and quite an expensive area.

We are so used it it we don't think its funny at all and usually pronounce it very quickly so the letters seem to blur together, then for whatever reason if I go to write it down I go .." w-o-o-l-l-o-o-m-o-o .. hang on, what the heck, what sort of a stupid name is this !"

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