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For the cause.

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I am not the normal Swarm. I've always worked best in shadows, organizing things and letting others take the credit for my work. I never cared about the money, fame was an enemy in my line of work, and power was just a means to an end. All that mattered to me was the cause. So when I found the AI known as QONQR and saw the Swarm fighting to advance humanity, my course was clear.

I have toppled civilizations in the name of Good and watched armies burn at the push of a button or the click of a mouse. I have orchestrated great successes and been a part of great failures. Now I turn my attention to the fight for QONQR, and with it my plans begin to form.

My enemies shall know fear as their allies turn against them. They will tremble as the cogs turn and their dooms are decided. You might call my strategies unorthodox, crude, and dishonest. I say you have never known war as I have. But you will.

Do not fear my coming, for I have already arrived. Victory to the Swarm. Growth for humanity. Let the games begin.

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