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all thanks to a surprisingly useful necroposting spammer

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so a spammer seems to have necroposted to a very old & useful thread by coincidence.. Rather than build off a year old thread, I'll just link to it & start a new thread since it's about what we've learned since that update. . I'm going to quote/respond to a few of Silver's points that seem relevant a year later

  • -Absorbers cannot gain the full benefit of Strengtheners, only the first 20K Strengthers in the zone will boost Absorbers already very strong shields (peak at 50% boost). All other bots still get up to 100% defensive boost.
    • ​This explains why many people will claim that absorbers are a waste of qredits, only to have folks claim they are great.
    • deflectors show 3 dots worth of shield (doubles to 6 with full strengthen)
    • Absorbers show 5 (50% boost bumps to a barely significant 7.5)f not for the next point
    • This would be something shrugworthy if not for the next point

    [*]-Seekers should now always be first in the fight when facing offensive bots. There were scenarios when this wasn't true before.

    • ​Because seekers are the only bot that will put a dent in an attacker's bots before they lay into a defender's deflectors/dubiously useful absorbers/etc, this is a significant problem given the ease of destroying seekers with missile/plasma
    • The description for absorbers mentions that they absorb attacks meant for your for other bots "leaving them free to patrol unharassed"

    [*]Seeker are most effective as a counter attack weapon in the heat of battle. If you have someone or multiple people throwing shockwave after shockwave at you and you are actively fighting back with Seekers you will force them to switch to Zone Assault (less impact) or the more expensive Plasma or Missile. Seekers are even better if you have the rapid launch folks who hit the back button before they see the launch results, not realizing their 5 Shockwave launches were completely wiped out by new Seekers.

    • ​while they are extremely effective at that, the ease that missiles demolish them makes them nearly useless as a "primary active defense bot" as their description suggests in its very first sentence.
    • the minimal imp

All of the above compounds into a larger interrelated problem, specifically

  • absorbers are probably great if you have a small zone and don't really bother with enough defense to survive more than a couple minutes of coordinated attack.
  • *The kind of team behavior encouraged by harden/boosters (large bases to protect the qredit investment from an early morning coordinated strike that flattens it instantly)

The first two sentences of the absorber 4 description is "use this resilient defensive structure to attract the attention of enemy bots. Your absorber will absorb attacks meant for your other nanobot swarms, leaving them free to patrol the battlezone unharassed" a 100% boost to absorbers like deflectors (resulting in 1 absorber being roughly as strong as 3 deflectors)get would indeed make them too strong for their reasonably low cost, but there is no reason a middle ground should not be struck to make absorbers useful to both zones with & without full support bot deployments.

This could problem easily be solved and cater to both the people with full support bots and those trying to form a coordinated beachhead against 40k strengthen/booster at the same time. Only silver could tell us the average bot count in zones with full support bot deployments, but I think it's safe to say that 100k-1mil+ bots is a decent range... a rage that a stable beachhead should not be established solo at a red-light. The idea I have to cater to both sides simultaneously is as follows:

  • A zone with a mil or so bots is a totally different battleground than one with a few thousand, actual strategy in taking it over simply Sisyphean hammering could be implemented with this idea involving a new bot type.s
  • Specifically a bot that functions exactly like absorbers do with deflectors when zone assault/seeker's are placed on the defensive, but modifies those seeker/zone assault bots to have a weaker/reduced offensive hammer aimed at the attacker
  • add a second type of absorber that helps protect seekers at the expense of seeker efficacy. The numbers below are pulled from my posterior
  • people with a mil bots in a zone, likely have their raw abuse soaking needs covered in spades, what they need is an active defense capable of lasting beyond a short yellow-light.
  • People attempting to take the zone cannot currently really deploy things like support bots without wasting qredits unless the defender just gives up or gets significantly outgunned under the current setup.
    • The suggested bot would mean more than missile>missile>seeker>seeker is required to nuke tens of thousands of fully hardened bots, but it also means an attacker can reasonably begin benefitting from a beachhead much faster and engage in an actual back & forth tactical battle rather than a tiring slapfight where the attacker strips seeker/zone assault & defender repeats the favor ad-nausea until one side gives up on the zone.
      • Do you focus actual effort on stripping their offense in hopes that next time you can work on rebuilding defenses unmolested?
      • or do you rebuild your damaged defenses while suffering losses in the process?
      • Sometimes one will be more important than the other, but it's more than just mindlessly clicking deploy with the rest of your faction in groupme for days/weeks because the initial beachhead can become semi-stable long before the battle is decided by one side's concession

I've had someone hammering at one of my zones for over a week now, so far they've been losing ground to my rebuilding every day since I spent one too busy to do much for it. I would love if that rebuilding could be more than "sigh.. seeker>zone assault>deflector>deflector>deflector", I'm sure they would love it if there was more to it than "sigh, missile>missile/seeker>seeker>shockwave>shockwave>shockwave" to require analysis of each other's fortifications & decisions on how to proceed that are more in depth than "do I destroy X by the thousands first, or Y by the thousands first?"

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