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Windows Phone App: Faceless Geman Corps

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Today the Faceless German Corps proudly announces the availabilty of what seems to be the first ever made fan app dedicated to Qonqr in the Windows Phone store. It is mainly a promotional app meaning the main goal is to attract new players to the noble Faceless side of Qonqr and to get in contact with them. The app provides information about how to take the first steps with Qonqr, Qonqr related links and introduces the members of the team: the Faceless German Corps.

Not to forget the goodie: it features a map where you can fiddle with the ranges of all the weapens from arbitrary locations.

If you want to have a look you will find the link to the app in the store below. Beware, this app is made for the german Faceless and the content is german only! :)




The link to the Windows Phone Store: http://www.windowsph...63-bffe0795178d

Have fun and enjoy!

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