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Multifaction alliances andbl diverts

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Theory time...

lets say Faceless control a zone.

this zone has a faceless player with 5 million bots.

of this 5 million 1 million are lvl 5 diverts reducing the priority to the last slot as the threat/shield value is countered completely.

several legion and swarm players start attacking this zone at the same time. They quickly dispatch all other faceless players in the zone.

so... At this point zone contains the faceless player with his bots completely covered by diverts and tens of thousands of both swarm and legion bots.

so when the next swarm player attacks what happens?

technically the legion player has a higher shield/threat value than the faceless player which would imply the legion bits would need to be cleared before any attacks would hit the faceless player.

on the other hand it is a faceless zone...

is it who possesses the zone determine the attacked faction, or are all players treated equally and he with the most unmitigated shields/threat become the priority target?

(I know it used to be who controlled the zone, but that was pre combat system rewrite so curious if it changed)

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They'll still attack the Faceless. Diverts don't change which faction gets attacked, only which member of the faction gets attacked.

agreed, it still seems that way, but its hard to say for certain given how much would be involved in completely cloaking ones bots in a zone large enough to test with; however, Atlantis is either special, or things seem a little more iffy beyond that point as I'm rarely hitting the top 10 inthe zone (usually hitting much lower actually)

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