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What Should Happen to Atlantis Now?

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Well I have been playing in every Atlantis since August and have now decided to give it a break for April unless something is changed it will no longer hold an interest for me as having finished in the top 3 for 5/7 Atlantis's it is now time to look at the dynamics of how the game can better be served by Atlantis and how the game in general can benefit from Atlantis.

I realise that Atlantis is to help the Developers to make some profit on the game by the use of cubes and people wanting to be Elite to allow the deployment of Bots into all zones however as money is the biggest short fall in any business and the hardest thing when one competes in a competitive environment (Formula 1 being an example they now use rules about the maximum investment allowed by the top teams) the amount one can invest should not be limited in my opinion however maybe we need to look at some way in allowing people some form of fairness.

I like a lot of people are not wanting to destroy the game but to allow the assumption of a level playing field thus as some have discussed in the privacy of forums a possible solution has been floated that being as refresh is not allow in Clover and Melee zones neither should Inoculation be allowed in those zones and if people choose to be elite and have the option to not allow auto inoculation then maybe this should be looked at.

This is a suggestion for the benefit of the game and is in no way a dig against any one faction or group of people.

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