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Atlantis Hackers

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In an attempt to head off any issues before they begin, this message is directed to those who are planning to programatically discover Atlantis.

The public API will not return Atlantis by lat/lon. Only by the new Universal Transverse Mercator grid reference (which will have a special key for Atlantis), and only after Atlantis has been discovered by all factions. The UTM should be released about the same time as Atlantis.

The public API will not return Atlantis by Id until after all three factions have discovered it

It is a violation of the terms of service to connect to the game API through anything other than QONQR distributed game software. It is also a violation of the TOS to automate the client in any way. I have added code for every request to read the zone table in the database.

Requesting too many invalid ZoneIds will result in a permanent ban. We are also tracking map requests, suspicious map activity will be investigated may also result in permanent ban.

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