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The Legion have been evicted from Chicago!

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As of today, no Legion Zones exist in the City of Chicago! The comics were right, and amazingly insightful...

Thank you to all those who assisted in this journey, Awsheet, Bobsagot, Concord55, d503, REDEYEGUNNER, hokeypokeymon, purrrrrfecttouch, indapooper, ghostfaceff, Wagner, Prome, Mabryer, Wolfen, RebelFalcon, LLuuf, AngryDragon, LimitlessBishop, Outlaw2112, Randy_Stones, SonofMan, SilverTorch, Zorin, Bossk, InfernalMajesty, Kozlov, JohnnyLightning, Ziekfried, Winnt32, Dings90, Guerrilawarfare, BlackPanther, BlackCracker, Sofakingawesome, Taz7411, KalKainen, Sayyadina, Medic156, Messuna, Qonundrum, v1510, ShamanSunbear, AkowNamedSpoon, 2katsonpoolsporch, Edroc213, Gormaxx, Bevnet36, my accountant, and finally to the Qonqr crew for inventing SyncLock to give other factions a fighting chance!

Sorry to anyone I missed! Even outnumbered 20:1, we managed to topple this evil empire!

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