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QONQR inclusive BBQ or Camping Weekend: Northeast Region

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Anyone interested in getting a QONQR inclusive BBQ or Camping Weekend get together, join the following GroupMe chat : https://groupme.com/.../8871310/DPW0F4

Maybe we can do a few. Maybe Delaware Water Gap, Catskills, Adirondacks, Myrtle Beach, etc...

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Also, I changed my profile website URL. So feel free to add me on Facebook: https://www.facebook...eth.morrissey01

Whoever is cool, will be cool enough to show interest in such an undertaking.

I mean, it is a game after all. All money aside. Whoever is rich enough to buy cubes can also supply the ICE and maybe some steaks. I personally have alot of camping gear. Enough to sleep 7 as far as shelter goes. I think I even have a 4 person family cabin tent if it's not all moth eaten that could be used as a communal storage.

I have backpacking gear as well at Coleman stoves and stuff for car camping.

We could also look into Folk Festivals, Renaissance Fairs, or State Fairs that have camping as part of the event.

Feel free to discuss here or in the GroupMe chat, if your so inclined.

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