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Global Leaderboard Top 50 Revisited

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Hello everyone!

About a year ago I created a post called "Global Leaderboard Top 50", in this post I outlined some stats for the Top 50 players in the world based purely on bots deployed. Well after a year has passed I decided I would revist this old topic and provide some new insight. Below you will see the state of the Top 50 currently, how its changed in the last year, and some other tidbits.

For the old post please click here.


Now for the fun stuff.

GLOBAL Top 50!

Total Players: 50

Total Bots Deployed: 3,537,021,261

Total Bots Killed: 1,368,911,118

Total Zone Leads: 45,465

Total Zone Captures: 189,858

Total Players

Faction: Total Players - What percent of the Top 50 it is.

Legion: 13 - 26%

Faceless: 24 - 48%

Swarm: 13 - 26%

Total Bots Deployed

Legion: 988,877,251 - 27.96%

Faceless: 1,700,682,204 - 48.08%

Swarm: 847,461,806 - 23.96%

Total Bot Kills

Legion: 328,619,525 - 24.01%

Faceless: 580,946,342 - 42.44%

Swarm: 459,345,251 - 33.56%

Total Zone Leads:

Legion: 18,303 - 40.25%

Faceless: 16,796 - 36.94%

Swarm: 10,366 - 22.80%

Total Zone Captures

Legion: 48,392 - 25.49%

Faceless: 93,012 - 48.99%

Swarm: 48,454 - 25.52%

The below are stats for the Top 10 Players.

Top 10 Totals

Total Deployed: 925,240,809

Total Kills: 284,753,809

Total Leads: 17,113

Total Captures: 52,325

The below is what % the Top 10 makes of the Top 50

26.16% of the total bots deployed

20.80% of the total bot kills

37.64% of the total zone leads

27.56% of the total zone captures


Most bots killed 1st: xdawggwadx (136,258,926)

Most bots killed 2nd: ActionGee (78,322,880)

Most Zone Leads 1st: linjin (6,988)

Most Zone Leads 2nd: bouyeros (3,793)

Most Zone Captures 1st: Cipher9 (15,409)

Most Zone Captures 2nd: xdawggwadx (10,862)

Best Kill / Deployment Ratio 1st: xdawggwadx (2.15)

Best Kill / Deployment Ratio 2nd: ActionGee (1.12)

Best Zone Lead / Zone Capture Ratio 1st: linjin (0.90)

Best Zone Lead / Zone Capture Ratio 2nd: Stalin (0.65)

Now for the changes in the Top 50 from last year.

Increase in Total Bots Deployed: 2,214,421,241

Increase in Total Bots Killed: 804,739,285

Increase in Total Zone Leads: 21,038

Increase in Total Zone Captures: 87,253

Difference in faction representation since last year.

Legion: -8

Faceless: 7

Swarm: 1

Difference in Bots Deployed since last year.

Legion: 450,358,781

Faceless: 1,211,352,178

Swarm: 552,710,282

Difference in Total Bot Kills since last year.

Legion: 71,954,412

Faceless: 429,642,983

Swarm: 303,141,890

Difference in Total Zone Leads since last year.

Legion: 7,149

Faceless: 8,821

Swarm: 5,068

Difference in Total Zone Captures since last year.

Legion: 5,888

Faceless: 59,728

Swarm: 21,637


Oldest Player on the Top 50: 1moparnut (3/10/2012

Youngest Player on the Top 50: Dryad (8/28/2013)

Survivors from last years top 50

Richin109, Mercy, Chickeneye, cedrorum, Gilceleb, clubfoot, maxoxam

Cipher9, 1moparnut, ActionGee, Mobius, southwind, Mr_B, kutengwa

Dread_Pirate_Roberts, spe, linjin, Irulan

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Some REALLY interesting stats there mate! Gives an indication of how the game is growing from an activity perspective too :) Will be interesting to see next years stats and to see if the massive Faceless activity plays out to put them on top next year :)

Was really surprised to see Legion out on top for Zone leads tho, despite all the other stats... Very kewl mate!

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I don't really see this as new information, just more evidence that faceless need a story nerf. In the eyes of too many players (If you take extrapolate the top 50, roughly 50%) faceless seem to be the best. The primary demographic of this game thinks that hacking, and to some extent selfishness is cool. In an of itself that is not an issue, but as a result I'm seeing so many people choose faceless out of the gate, and if there aren't swarm or legion around to try and convince them that maybe they should try and create a balanced game. I'm not saying this is the only reason, but I believe its the reason for the imbalance.

And to all those that have an issue with a Swarm/Legion non-aggression pact for atlantis, just look at these stats, and add to it that faceless are the largest cubers in the game, and we have nothing but a purple dominated game.

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makes me wish fun/useful info like this was on the app instead of having to go on the portal.

having the only leaderboard in the app be bot counts while also trying to get the eldest players to stop stacking endlessly is counter-productive.

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