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New Atlantis Medals

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Check it out and let us know if you feel like having this Rank system for Atlantis would be good or bad. A lot of users don't use the forums, and many don't use the web portal yet, but everyone knows about their ranks and medals. Seeing something new to aim for could and should increase player turnout and even spending.

Discover Atlantis - 2 Points

Participate in Atlantis 1 time - 1 Point

Participate 3 times - 2 Points

Participate 6 times - 4 Points

Participate 12 times - 8 Points

Win Atlantis 1 time - 2 Points

Win Atlantis 3 times - 4 Points

Win Atlantis 6 times - 8 Points

Win Atlantis 12 times - 16 Points

This way you still get credit for finding Atlantis to showcase your achievement, but it doesn't throw a wrench in the rank point system.

This would help veterans earn that last rank or so that they're aiming for, this would also help jusitfy cubing cost if the match is close and you need another win for the next tier medal, and would help give rank points to newer people who don't have many and make them feel like their efforts mattered, like participation trophies in soccer that winners and losers both get. =p

The devs worked hard to come up with and code Atlantis, so consider this carrot on a stick method to get more participation and let us see how many we've participated in four our own competativeness.


Edit: to clarify, by 1 time, i mean x number of launches over the course of one Atlantis event, such as 100 launches as Bob suggested.

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I am still quite skeptical about issuing rank points for "finding Atlantis" for all the reasons outlined -- my alternative proposition is to abandon the misguided notion of issuing rank points, and instead QONQR would offer a 1 million credit bounty to find Atlantis -- everyone needs credits -- follow the link below to learn more and comment...


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i'm starting to think this may indeed become reality in some form or another considering Atlantis kills don't count towards "gold status",

maybe they could count towards this medal system?

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