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I'm just gonna throw this out there, I know it's not an opinion widely held by many of the people I know, but I want to say that I think this game has come a long way since the implementation of Sync lock. Everything has gotten better, with the exception of sync lock. I know sync sucks and we all hate going up against that one multi scoping cuber, but seriously look at every other part of the game recently:

New Updates have brought stability to iOS and WP platforms as well as new features that we've been asking for. The map shows the zone count without loading the zone on both, you can search by zone id and even name now, Zones display your bots and how much support is in there now. That's something we all kinda wanted even if we didn't know we wanted it! Atlantis is a cool new feature and while it's debated at how sustainable it is in it's current form, it's new content that I'm sure will be built upon. Sync Lock is working on being more accurate so you don't have to worry about playing with people in the same house any more. And do i need to even mention Black? Android is the last remaining thing that's weak, and that's being improved on faster now than when I used it for several months.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that sync lock stinks, but the devs put that in so Gadg didn't have to spend each day listening to people complain about multis and she could get something done. From every angle I look, the devs are improving this game at a faster rate now than before, so at least it serves the purpose they wanted it to. We all love this game, and it's easy to get caught up in blaming Silver or Gadg for this and that, but really, I keep playing, so do you. We will keep playing as long as it's more good than bad and we keep seeing it get [mostly] better.

Thank you! That is all.

PS: Please keep the flames out of this thread. I made this to help people feel more positive and flaming's not gonna be helpful, lets just not do it for once.... (Myself included)


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Earit what you said it spot on friend. Silver and the gang stuck it out even though profits were few and far between when the game went live. Over the last 2 years with cooperation between the devs and the community and through the support of both the game has improved by leaps and bounds for those who stick with it and learn the complexities of it's battle and team system.

This game is almost like chess: requiring intelligence, endurance, stamina, and patience.

Additional requirements for player and dev success is time and money, as with any profit generating business plan.

The coding for all 3 platforms has improved, the server stability has improved, the battle engine rewrite has been a success.

From a skill and intelligence standpoint the game is progressing nicely, but... yes, there is a but...

Any successful mmo or game for that matter needs a steady stream of players both old and new.

Veterans spend money, and through envy and competition and persistance newer players challenge the vets for this "prestige" and because a new player is "hungry" and this game is "fresh" to them they can overcome an entrenched veteran who is managing too large of an empire to prevent parts from falling... in theory.

Advertisement is a must for the success of a game. I really want to see the devs competing for more of the gamer audiance that is plentiful in this day and age. Take a break from coding and go to gaming conventions and promote your product, come up with a creative way to promote your game with a quirky youtube channel involving art from your comic designer and tie it into gameplay.

There are tons of creative ways to advertise without paying apple and google if you wish to avoid that route.

Lastly, add visuals. I feel like the target audiance for this game is 25-35 year olds. Add some pizzzaa, some flash, some whatever but you gotta add something to keep the younger audiance around. Have random events happen or cubes spewing out of a zone that is defeated and have the odds be 1/1000 lol i don't care, some form of 8 bit graphical content for the game and some form of suprise.

You've made the game so reliant on math equations that you sometimes forget the fun factor. Shake things up!

I truly like qonqr and it's a part of my everyday life, but I would love to get more people to play with without having to threaten to drop their phone in a mug of ale if they quit before 100.

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Earit, A sincere and heart felt thanks for this post. It has been a long haul and things are moving faster now. They should move even faster in the coming months.

Kirra, the advertising will hit once the Android goes live. We have been waiting so we can maximize our ad dollars. We didn't want half the people seeing our ads (Android users) to be wasted impressions. New UI stuff is also in the works.

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