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As everyone knows, unless you've been living in a cave somewhere, the interwebs has been taken over by the ALS Ice Bucket challenge. Its goals: to increase awareness of this horrible disease and the damage it does to those suffering from it and their friends and families.

This simple ice challenge has brought so much needed awareness to this disease and with this awareness, record number of donations have been made.

I have challenged Silver, Trustar and ScarletXmoon.

JayVortex has challenged Isodomon, Gadgerson, and Earit.

As of this moment you have 24hours to take part in the challenge.

Our Video:

Please also watch this video as well so that you may further understand how this disease destroys people:


For reference please see:


#icebucketchallenge, #alsicebucketchallenge, #strikeoutals.

Thank you all


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didn't see this until now so i guess my 24 hours are up and whilst i wouldn't say i live under a rock i really don't understand what the crack is with this, you get some icy water chucked over you and somehow that generates cash for some charity but i don't know what charity, all i really know is a lot of people are going on about it because it is a massive waste of clean water, which there is a shortage of in the world.

not to turn it all serious like but i'm not a big fan. despite that i have randomly already done one of these challenges over the weekend, under my other moniker, black jesus. if i ever get a copy of teh video i'll hoy it up here but im not really sure what purpose any of this serves. have fun and what not though, save lives and don't catch a cold.

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Just go to als.org for an explanation of the disease......i have the link in my original post.....the disease essentially screws up your nerves...losing motor skills etc etc... the ice challenge is such because those afflicted with this disease cannot feel extreme temperatures if im not mistaken....

the challenge , at this stage,has raised close to 90 million dollars

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